Why Awkward Family Photos Is My Favorite Source For Character Inspiration

If you are a fiction writer and you don’t have Awkward Family Photos bookmarked, you are really missing out.

There is such a story here. If someone else doesn't write it, I will.
There is such a story here. If someone else doesn’t write it, I will.

I know these people. I have seen these photos in people’s homes. I can write about them.

The conflict is easy to find. If you find conflict, you have a story. Write for 10 minutes about the stories that you can imagine behind the photos.

Hmm, I always thought the future would have more chrome.
Hmm, I always thought the future would have more chrome.

People really are weird. Your characters needs to be unusual, unpredictable, three dimensional and rich. You won’t find better inspiration than from this site.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.44.44 PM

Perfection is boring. Gritty, embarrassing, awkward people are much more interesting. My theory is that readers like to read about characters they can look down on . The entire purpose of this site is to make fun of people. If you use a quirky character photo instead of say, a model’s photo, you see beauty in the imperfection, the story is better because the reader can identify with it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.46.58 PM

Perfect for mysteries, horror, fantasy, romance or comedy. And if you are a literary writer, you should be in heaven.

Happy holidays from me and the contributors to Awkward Family Photos. Here’s hoping that your photos are less awkward.


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Katharine Grubb has mastered the art of freewriting because she wrote her first novel in 10 minute increments. There are probably easier ways to write a book, but with homeschooling her five children, she’ll take what she can get. Her latest book, Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day was just released and is available on Amazon.com She lives in Massachusetts and blogs at www.10minutenovelists.com.

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