Who wants to write ALL the words in 2016?

Uncategorized / Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Please sign up for my Time Management Boot Camp!

Top Ten Ways You Can Find Time To Write in 2016 by Katharine Grubb

Every Monday, for eight weeks, you’ll get an email from me that gives you specific, step by step tips on how to find more time to write.

Tips will include:

  • Making specific goals
  • Analyzing your time
  • Looking for time wasters
  • Organizing your workspace
  • Communicating with members of your household
  • Delegating responsibilities
  • Steamlining your tasks
  • Learning to write fast

The ultimate goal? More time for you and your writing dreams.

Sign up for Time Management Boot Camp! 8 Weeks of Practical Tips & Encouragement to help you find time to write!

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The first email is coming January 4, 2016! Sign up today! 

I love January. It’s so full of hope and promise. This year, I tell myself, will be the year that I hit all those goals, that I become a better person, that I change for the better.

You can do it too! I believe in you! 

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