What Is #AuthorHappiness?

#Author Happiness is celebrating any victory, big or small in your writing/marketing/publishing adventure!

How can I celebrate my writing?
He HAD to be named Ray. He just HAD to!

How to share?

Paste it on the #AuthorHappiness thread on Wednesdays. Or, tweet about it, using this hashtag: #AuthorHappiness!

What Is #AuthorHappiness

This is a lonely business and the big, big celebrations like contracts and release dates are too infrequent. Let’s make it more fun by celebrating the little things too!

About Katharine Grubb

Katharine Grubb has mastered the art of freewriting because she wrote her first novel in 10 minute increments. There are probably easier ways to write a book, but with homeschooling her five children, she’ll take what she can get. Her latest book, Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day was just released and is available on Amazon.com She lives in Massachusetts and blogs at www.10minutenovelists.com.

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