Wanna Be First In Line? Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day Needs Reviewers!

My book, Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day, needs volunteers to receive an Advance Reader Copy (or ARC) for the purpose of reviewing it the last week of March, 2015. 

Are You A Blogger? Would You Review My New Book?
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Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day by Katharine Grubb

Would you like to write but have no spare time? Do you not know where to begin? ‘The Ten-Minute Novel’ will help you sculpt a full-length piece of creative writing in just ten minutes a day. Starting with a daily practical exercise, it will help you manage your writing schedule within this time frame and help you bring your novel to life. You will be able to clarify your vision and review your time commitments, as well as understand your own abilities. Learning to observe the world around you, write quickly and tap into your unique voice will help you to create all the elements of your story and, by the time you’ve finished all the exercises, you’ll have created something beautiful.

What to say in a review?

  1. Give a general idea in few sentences describing what the book is about. 
  2. Give specific examples of things you liked about the book. Please be honest. It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t love it. 
  3. If you want to, rate it, 1-5 stars or explain why someone should or shouldn’t buy it. 
  4. Put your review on your blog, on, Goodreads or any other vendor that has it. 
  5.  Receive my undying gratitude! I can’t launch a book without your help!


Katharine Grubb is an author, poet, homeschooling mother, camping enthusiast, bread-baker, and believer in working in small increments of time. She leads 10 Minute Novelists, an international Facebook group of time-crunched writers. She lives with her family in Massachusetts.