#Top10 Tuesday: Top Eight Awesome Places My Debut Romantic Comedy Went (And Some I Even Tagged Along For!)



I’m celebrating by telling you about some of the fun I’ve had since becoming a self published writer.

Writing is a big gamble. We put our words together and hope that somebody likes them. If we’re good enough, and we’ve done the work, and we happen to be at the right place at the right time, then our words do magical things. Things, perhaps that are unexpected and open doors for other opportunities.

That’s what happened to me when I self-published my romantic comedy, Falling For Your Madness. Not only did I get a lot of opportunity as result of it, this little book went places I could only imagine.

Top Eight Awesome Places My Debut Comedy Went
Top Eight Awesome Places My Debut Comedy Went


Here’s the top eight:

How Can My Self-Published Book Make Me Famous?

1.  Jane Austen’s grave. I make several references to Pride and Prejudice in my book, like in the following scene: Early in their relationship, David has asked Laura to name five things she loves. This is a bit of the dialogue, from Laura’s point of view, she is speaking first.

“What about you?” I wanted the attention off of me now.

“Not yet. That was only four for you. One more thing you love.”

“I was going to say Jane Austen novels, but then I realized that all the girls say that.”

“As well they should. Miss Austen was a great romantic who fully understood the nature of men and women. There is a rumor in my family, and I’m convinced all the rumors are true, that the inspiration for Darcy came from one of my distant uncles.”

“I believe it. You could be the inspiration for Darcy. Why is it that all my girlfriends say that they identify the most with Lizzie, when the truth is they’re all either a Mary or a Lydia?”

“What an interesting observation!” David laughed. “You are a Lizzie Bennett, or a Jane, and I refuse to believe anything to the contrary. Now, my turn. Things I love, the non-Anglophilic version. You will think I’m a complete dandy when I say milled soap, silver flatware as opposed to steel or plastic, fountain pens, raspberry jam, which now I think I should try with a bit of lime, and walking in Boston.”

 I have very good friend who live within driving distance of Jane Austen’s house and grave in Southern England. When they went to visit, they took a paperback copy of Falling For Your Madness along with them. I love this. Even though, I wasn’t there in the flesh, my book was, and that was pretty awesome.


2. On that same trip, they took a photo of Falling For Your Madness next to the “real” Round Table from Arthurian lore. Can’t tell you why this is important to the book it would be a spoiler! 

For Arthur! Lord of the Britons!
For Arthur! Lord of the Britons!

 3. Dominican Republic. Another good friend frequently travels to the Dominican Republic for  baseball related activities. She took Falling For Your Madness to the beach.

Falling For Your Madness in the Dominican Republic!!
Falling For Your Madness in the Dominican Republic!!

4. ABNA. Every year, sponsors the Amazon Breakout Novel Award for undiscovered writers. On January 14, 2013, I entered Falling For Your Madness into that year’s competition. Coincidentally, January 14 is a date that plays a role in the story and it’s my son’s birthday. That must be my lucky day because FFYM did very well in that contest, going all the way to the quarterfinalist level! That means that I was one of the top 50 books out of 10,000 entries!

5. Book Contract. The same week that I discovered that I had done well in the ABNA, I was contacted by Hodder & Stoughton to write a book called Write A Novel in 10 Minutes A Day. I’m very sure that my success in the ABNA had a LOT to do with this connection. The book will be released in NINE DAYS!

Click on the image to get your advance copy!
Click on the image to get your advance copy!


6. Agent signing. As a result of the book contract, I had to get an agent. In the spring of 2013, I signed with McGregor Literary! This is wicked cool! And by going places, it meant that I did travel to Chicago and Nashville to attend conferences sponsored by MacGregor Literary!

Who represents Katharine Grubb?
Agent Chip MacGregor, literary, not secret.

7. Catholic Digest.  Because of the message I had in Falling For Your Madness, which was respect, chivalry and chastity in a relationship, more conservative groups fell in love with it. In December of 2014, Catholic Digest  found me and asked if they could feature FFYM in their December issue. YES! This meant a lot to me, and I’m not even Catholic! (I didn’t take a photo! OH NO!)

8. Buckingham Palace.  This is one of the most recent and strangest situations of all. My dear British friend, Ian McAllister, bought a paperback copy and sent Falling For Your Madness to HRH Charles, The Prince of Wales because, as Ian put it, “it’s TOTALLY his sense of humour!” Plus, it doesn’t hurt that HRH’s actual letters make a cameo in my book. Ian got a reply from the office of the Prince. This is it. Ian then sent the letter to me. I’m totally framing this and hanging it on my office wall. THANKS IAN! And thank YOU Claudia, secretary to Prince Charles!

I wonder if Camilla will read it too?
I wonder if Camilla will read it too?
So these are the eight cool places my book has been, some I actually got to tag along for.
It’s my birthday and when I blow out my candles today, I have a wish for you.
I wish that YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE TOO! That all your hard work pays off.  My wish is that your books take you placed you’ve never, ever dreamed.
Who wants a piece of cake?




Katharine Grubb is an author, poet, homeschooling mother, camping enthusiast, bread-baker, and believer in working in small increments of time. She leads 10 Minute Novelists, an international Facebook group of time-crunched writers. She lives with her family in Massachusetts.