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    10 Awesome Things You Get To Do If You’re A Member of 10 Minute Novelists

      In 2018, my Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists celebrated four years, 12,000+ members, and our first conference!  We are pretty proud of how far we’ve come! We’d love for you to join us! This is what you get if you’re a part of this dynamic group:         1. You get to meet over 12,000 amazing writers from all over the world. Many of these writers are new to writing. Many have a lot of time restraints like full-time jobs or small children. All of them have this desire: to be a great author despite the restrictions in their life. 2. You get practical tips on craft,…

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    Making Your Author Platform Work for You — A Guest Post by Rachelle M. N. Shaw

    By Rachelle M. N. Shaw In such a highly competitive world of publishing, it’s no surprise that author platforms have taken center stage and become the foundation for any writer’s success. But who has time to keep up with all the Tweets, Pins, and Instagram posts needed to do so? The truth is, successful authors don’t. They pick the top few social media sites that fit their style and their audience, and they roll with it. What an Author Platform Should Do Provide original content fitting of your audience through a well-designed blog or website Become a place where you regularly engage with your followers; this doesn’t mean you sit…

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    TODAY IS RELEASE DAY! Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day is NOW Available!

    Today I release my first non-fiction book, Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day!  You can purchase it or see the reviews here!  This is the story of how I got the contract — it’s a great one!  Also? I created a Facebook group for writers who have no choice but to write in 10 minute increments! Wanna join over 1000 writers worldwide as we encourage each other to pursue our writing dreams?  Click here!    Are you a blogger?  Would you like to help promote this book? Leave a comment! I’d love to work with you!

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    What 10 Minute Novelists Means To Me — A Guest Post by Michele Mathews

    This month 10 Minute Novelists is celebrating our first anniversary. To make it even more fun, we’re asking our group members to post what the group means to them. Today, Michele Mathews shares what she’s learned since being a part of our group!  A few months ago I saw a Facebook friend had joined a group called the 10 Minute Novelists. As a curious person, I clicked on the page to see what it was about, and within a few minutes, I clicked to join the group. I’m so glad I did that. For the last few months, I have been encouraged and supported with my writing. Everyone in the…

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    You’re Invited To A Birthday Bash (And Book Release!)

    In March, the Facebook writers group, 10 Minute Novelists, is ONE YEAR OLD! This group was inspired by the book “Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day” which just HAPPENS to be released on March 26. IT’s a BIG DAY! 10 Minute Novelists has over 1000 time-crunched writers worldwide who have discovered tips, encouragement and community through their website, chats, encouraging discussions, and other craziness. This last year has been an amazing one for this group and it’s time to celebrate! What’s going to happen at this FACEBOOK Birthday Party? For TWO WHOLE DAYS, on the thread of this event, we’ll feature editors, publisher, publicists, authors and agents who…

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    Author Spotlight: Meet Jessica White!

    Every other week, this blog will interview the authors in the 10 Minute Novelists Facebook Group. (You can join that group here.)   Today, we’re meeting Jessica White! Besides living in Texas and homeschooling her two children, Jessica is also is an important part of the  administration of 10 Minute Novelists.  1. Tell us about your book. In my debut novel Surviving the Stillness, winter comes early in the foothills of western Montana forcing siblings Abigail and Samuel Morgan to seek refuge in a Catholic orphanage.  When Abigail’s health fails her life is put in the hands of Dr. Mason and his son and apprentice Matthew.  Together they must stop…

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    Write Jar Revolution A Guest Post by Vickie Miller

    Joining a writing group has had a big impact on my engagement in the writing community. And in the course of participating in this group, the #WriteJar revolution was born. All too often we get caught up in doing things that have to be done and forget about ourselves, our hobbies, and our dreams. #WriteJar is here to help you keep things in perspective. It’s about caring for yourself as a writer among all the other roles you play in life. What is #WriteJar you ask? It’s a simple concept that keeps writers motivated and forward thinking about their writing and their dreams about becoming a successful writer. Here’s how…

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    The Routines and Research of a 10-Minute Novelist by Guest Blogger Carre Gardner

    Today was a writing day. Not every day is, I’ll confess. I know this is bad writerly practice. All the best authors say you ought to, must sit down at the same time every morning, and not get up until you’ve produced 500, 1,000, 1,500 words. I would so love to have that kind of life. But I am a 10-minute Novelist. And between 12-hour shifts at the hospital, a house with 4 stories of living space to keep clean-ish, 3 teenagers, 2 needy dogs, and 1 husband—all of whom expect to eat actual food on a regular basis—I can’t always carve out time to sit down and write 1,000…

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    How I Found Writing Community by Jennifer Senhaji

    Author Jennifer Senhaji sees the value in community for authors. She describes the groups she found through social media. Relatively new to the writing community, I had no idea there were so many people out there in the world that I could connect with online. Open minded, wonderful writers, published and not yet published, who support each other. I have stumbled upon a few writing groups that have become so important to me, I don’t know how I have done without them until now.  Twitter is my favorite platform for making new connections. Through Twitter, I found the first group I joined called 10 Minute Novelists that commune on Facebook and…

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    Why Writers’ Community Is Like Icing On A Big, Delicious Cake (And Why You Want As Much As You Can Get!)

    How do you know if you are a rich writer? If we are rich writers, we use words like Paula Deen uses butter and cream. We liberally pour  out our ideas and our vision into our paragraphs and prose. We add in sweetness and flavor and texture who we are and what we care about in every book. We sculpt our words together like sugary icing roses along a cake and we present our final, finished projects as grand feasts for the world, allowing our readers to savor each morsel and each portion.  If we are rich writers, the solitary act of creating is a full and satisfying one. But…