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Those kids! What messes they make! Wouldn’t it be great to harness that power into something useful?

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Training Your Children To Do Chores

I have five of my own, between the ages of 10-17 and I have to say that they do the MAJORITY of my housework. I am not able to do the things I want to do without their help.

How have I done this?

I started when they were small and I trained them. It was hard, but I made it fun and now all of them can clean the kitchen, do the laundry, make a meal and complete dozens of other household chores.

In my course, I will give you developmental guidelines, help you understand your own goals, encourage good attitudes (for both parent and child),  give you a vision for your child’s work ethic and give you lots of examples of what works and why. Most importantly, I coach you on how to develop good habits and accountability without antagonism.

Your child will develop good skills!

Your relationship will be stronger! 

Your house will be tidier! 

Starting April 4, I’ll be sending out weekly emails that show what to do, what to say, and how to coach your child into helping you more.

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