Quotes from Seth Godin’s Linchpin

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I used these in my chat on May 28, 2015

These describe what art is! 

p. 83  Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn’t matter. The intent does.
p. 84 Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.
p. 84 Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. 
     An artist is an individual who creates art. The more people you change, the more you change them, the more effective your art is.
    Art is not related to craft, except to the extent that the craft help deliver the change. Technical skill might be a helpful component in making art, but it’s certainly not required. Art doesn’t have to be decorative, it can be useful as long as the use causes change.
p. 84 By definition, art is human. A machine can’t create art, because the intent matters. It’s much more likely to be art if you do it on purpose.
p. 85 Art is the product of emotional labor. If it is easy and risk free, it’s unlikely that it’s art.
    The last element that makes it art is that it’s a gift. You cannot create a piece of art merely for money. Doing it as part of commerce so denudes art of wonder that it ceases to be art. There’s always a gift intent on the part of the artist.
p. 86  Art cannot be merely commerce. It must also be a gift. The artist creates his idea knowing that it will spread freely, without recompense. Sure the physical manifestation of the art might sell for a million dollars, but that painting or that song is also going to be enjoyed by someone who didn’t pay for it.
    Art is not limited to art school, or to music or even to the stage. Art is any original idea that can be a gift. It takes art to make a mom happy on the first day of nursery school. It takes art to construct a buiness model that permits people in the United aStates to play poker online. It takes art to construct the plans for the English Channel.

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