Introducing the 10 Minute Novelists Mug Collection

Inspiration, Writer Swag / Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Over on our Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists, we are all about the inside joke. Some of these are too precious to share, like #allthefreakingfeels. But some, like these, are worthy of a little merchandise.

Like, mugs!

These mugs are 15 oz, microwave and dishwasher safe, and are $18.95 each. Check them out on Zazzle!  (If you click the image, it will take you right there!)

Great gifts for writers
Mug says, “In the time it takes to drink this coffee, you could have written 300 words.”

And this one? At all of our chats, we have the Invisible Snack Table. It’s what we would eat if we were really in the same room together. This mug is from the IST Catering Company. Everything they serve is calorie free!

What can I get my writer friends?
Mug says: “Invisible Snack Table Catering Company,”

This is the mug that started it all. Someone posted “Buy my book or I’ll end up in a van down by the river.” And I got to thinking, having an RV park full of writers would be a hoot!

What should I get my writer friends for Christmas?
Mug says, “10 Minute Novelists’ RV Park Join us Down By The River! Free Coffee. Free Wi-Fi.”

In our Facebook, we have writers from all over the world. Whenever they ask me to convert their time zone so they can join us in a chat, I stick my fingers in my ears and go, “LA LA LA!” This is math. This is why I became a writer.

What gift would be perfect for my writer friend?
Mug says: 10 Minute Novelists’ Math Club. Miscalculating our word counts since 2041.”

And the group badge. If you drink your coffee from it, you will be 76% more creative!

Awesome gifts for writers
Mug says: “I’m A 10 Minute Novelist and I have awesome friends!”

So this is what the cool kids are drinking their, ahem, coffee, out of. You should get one too!

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