Free Digital Copy of Soulless Creatures for Oklahoma Sooners!

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I LOVE SOONER FOOTBALL! And I want connect with all my Sooner Alumni friends world wide! 

Want a copy? Leave a comment! I’ll sent it to you via email!

Free Copy of Soulless Creatures for any OU Alumni! by Katharine Grubb

Are you a graduate of The University of Oklahoma (or even did you just attend?) I’d love to send you a FREE DIGITAL COPY of my ’80s romp Soulless Creatures about three misguided freshmen who live in Walker Tower during the ’86-’87 school year.

Want a copy? Leave a comment! I’ll sent it to you via email!

Working-class future leader Roy Castleberry and pampered over-thinker Jonathan Campbell are 18-year-old freshmen at the University of Oklahoma who think they know everything. Roy thinks Jonathan could succeed in wooing Abby if he stopped obsessing over Walden. Jonathan thinks Roy could learn to be self-actualized if he’d stop flirting with every girl he meets. They make a wager: if Roy can prove that he has some poetic thought, some inner life, A SOUL, then Jonathan will give him the car he got for graduation. Roy takes the bet because he thinks this is the easiest game he’s ever played. Roy spends the rest of the school year proving the existence of his soul, competing against Jonathan for Abby’s attention, dodging RAs who are curious about the fake ID ring in his room and dealing with his past. For Roy and Jonathan, college life in 1986 is richer, (both experientially and financially) than either of them expected.

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