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Katharine Grubb

Máire T. Robinson –

Sonja Fröjdendal –

Vickie Miller –

Deb Scudder –

Brandi Montenegro –

Jane Steen –

Neal Abbot –

Michele Mohr –

Leearni Hamilton –

Sheri Williams –

Katrina “Kay” Blake

Jane Lebak –

Nema Veze —–

Alexandria Hathaway –

Jennifer Senhaji-

Keisha Page –

Jessica Dragon Cheramie–>

Kasey Ferris –

Alex Perez –

Anna Snow Berck –

Rod Aylett –

Author Allyn Lesley –

Jessica White- Wilburn –

Jax Abbey –

Melina Gillies –

Laura Lis Scott –

Ian McAllister –

D.S. McKnight (Deb) –

Pat McDonald –

April Nichole –

Trisha Leaver –

3 Replies to “Find Our Authors On Facebook!”

  1. You did a great job setting up the site! I have to say in response to your article that I do like lots of feedback on my first chapter and after that I’m good to go. I just think that first chapter is so critical and I like to know I have a good foundation. You made some great points for discussion. Thanks for the work you do!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I just today realized I had comments. 😉 Thanks for coming by and please come back again!

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