How can this be a group and a website? 

Because this is the magic of the internet! No, really. If you are reading this, then you are at the landing spot for anyone who considers themselves a time-crunched novelist and needs either tips, encouragement or community. But it’s kinda static. Until we can afford to get some 3-D technology, the action is over in the Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists. Join the group and you can have conversations with other time-crunched writers, gain inspiration and join a chat. Click this link to go to our Facebook group! 

How do I join in a chat?

Chats are easy! Check the events page, either on this website or on the Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists. If it’s a Facebook chat you want to join, RSVP yes!  (We have several chats a week. Pick the one that’s best for you!) Then at the time of the event, read and contribute to the feed on the wall of that event. If you want to join a Twitter chat, follow this hashtag, #10MinNovelists. Our Twitter chat is every Thursday night at (9PMEDT).

What if I don’t want to join the group, but I still want to participate in the chat? 

Anyone can  join our Twitter chats. But you have to be a group member to be in a Facebook chat. You can join our Facebook group here.

The chats are really inconvenient for me. What can I do about it?

The best thing about this group is that we have people from all over the world! The worst part is that we all live in different time zones. The chats are led by volunteers who chose that time to fit their schedules. We’re sorry if the times don’t work for you. You could volunteer to lead a chat. (Contact Katharine on how to do one. She’ll be happy to coach you.) Or, if you are a member of the Facebook group, you can go to past events and read the archived feeds. This isn’t the same thing as a chat, but it’s the best we can do.

Can we change chat times?

Changing chat times is solely up to the discretion of the volunteers who lead them.

What if I write non-fiction? Or poetry? Or children’s books? Can I still join the group?

Writers of all shapes and sizes are welcome. We think that there is valuable information here for anyone who is interested in writing, marketing, and publishing. Send a request to join and if you’re not one of those internet crazies, we’ll let you in.

I join writers’ groups so that I can sell more books. Can I plug my book here or on the Facebook page?

This group emphasizes tips, encouragement and community. Self-promotions are limited to #MondayBlogs on Mondays and #AuthorHappiness on Wednesdays. We’re far more likely to buy the books of our friends rather than buy the books of strangers. With that in mind, please share more of your life than just your pitch and your sales page. If your only reason for joining is to increase sales, then you’re in the wrong group.

Can I post interesting links on the Facebook group wall?

Yes! Please post anything that you discover that would be helpful to our community of writers. Our mutual interests include anything regarding publishing, the craft of writing, marketing, creativity, storytelling and the like. Our policy is to encourage topics that unify us. We discourage topics that may divide us. We do not want to see links that are provocative, controversial, lewd, political, militantly religious or distasteful.

Can I ask questions about marketing, publishing, or craft?

Absolutely! One of the unsaid purposes of this group is that we crowd-source or knowledge. So if you have a question about how Kindle Direct works, or what does WIP mean or what conferences to attend, this group is the perfect place to do that. It’s also a great place to get advice — like how does this query letter sound and what bloggers do you recommend? Even if you get stuck on book research — like, what was your favorite ’80s love song, or what’s the most expensive champagne, or how would you treat a bullet wound to the neck?  Questions like this make research fun.

Can I get feedback on my current WIP?

Yes! If you want to work with our critique group, you need to send a request to Jessica Dragon Cheramie (through Facebook message) and she will invite you to the group’s page on www.scribophile.com.  If you’d rather just work with one or two people, you can pitch your work on Buddy Day which is Tuesday.

Can I ask for beta readers?

Yes! Every Tuesday morning, on Buddy Day, we start a thread on the Facebook group page for anyone who needs a beta reader, critique, or another set of eyeballs. Please pitch your work in the comments of that thread, keeping the pitch under 200 words. Include the genre and the type of help you’re looking for. Someone will read your pitch and agree to help. Make sure you offer to reciprocate.

Can I have a discussion about the steamy scenes in my romance?

This website and the 10 Minute Novelists Facebook Group are family friendly. Writers of erotica or steamy love scenes are encouraged to discuss these more R-rated (and beyond) subjects privately.

How can I be a featured author for a chat?

 We choose our featured topics and our authors weeks in advance. We are partial to featuring active members of the group, topics that are mentioned in several threads and authors who are more than just novelists — they can give advice in the world of writing and publishing. If you have an idea for a chat topic, contact Katharine Grubb, Sheri Williams, Vickie Miller or Misti Murphy.  If you want to be a featured author, pitch your idea — you need to be able to coach other authors in a specific skill or activity — in a private message. All reasonable ideas will be considered.

Can I post links to my blog?

Yes! Mondays are the best days to do that. Every Monday we start a thread featuring the #MondayBlogs meme. If you paste your link in that thread, you will have the most possibility of being seen by members of our group.

Can I friend everybody in this group?

You can, but there are no guarantees that you will be accepted. Please be respectful of everyone’s varying levels of privacy.

What if I haven’t published anything, can I still join?

Anyone with a desire to write is welcome to join our group. Our members have various levels of experience.

Can I post a picture of my cat?

Our posts and threads stick to the mutually beneficial topics of writing, creativity, publishing and marketing. If the picture is of your cat doing something that demonstrates our mutually beneficial topics, then why not?

Do I have to like coffee or tea?

We’ve never met a writer that didn’t drink coffee or tea. So, you must be a unicorn. Unicorns are always welcome.

Are there any members in my area?

Maybe! We have so many people scattered all over the world, so you never know. On the group page, in the files, there is a list of our members and where they live. This list is incomplete, because not everyone has filled it out, but it’s a start. Most of our members live in the US, Canada, UK,  Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I get signatures for my petition against this corporation because of this controversial issue?

No. Please don’t. Even if your issue is writing related. Our purpose here is community. Controversy has a way of causing divisions — even if you think you’re right and you think we should all agree with you.

Can I ask for donations for my favorite cause or kickstarter here?

Please don’t. We all have favorite causes and projects and this could easily overwhelm our feed.

I’m 11 years old and I love to write. Can I join the group?

We’re really happy that kids and teens want to write, but if you are 11 years old, you are too young to be a part of our Facebook group. Facebook is for kids 13 and older. Visit our website instead and when you’re old enough, you can ask to join the group.

Can I follow everyone on Twitter?

Yes! Look on the Group Facebook Page in Files and see everyone’s handle. Or, go to @10MinuteNovelists and look at the lists we’ve created. We’d love to follow you back.

Can my writer friends join this group?

Yes! The highest compliment we can receive is you telling your friends to join us. Before you add them to the group, make sure you have their permission.

Got any more questions?  Leave a comment or contact us and we’ll do our best to answer!


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