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Fantastic Fridays: Celebrate Every Word & Every Minute

When we’re aiming to create a writing practice or to complete a specific writing project, we tend to keep our eyes on the road ahead.

It’s great to know where we are going, obviously, but have you taken a glance over your shoulder recently?

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If we always looking forward, we only see the distance between our current position and our goal. But, if we glance backward, we’ll see how far we have come.

It is worth taking the time to notice your progress.

And it is worth taking time to celebrate your hard work. Even if – especially if- your hard work has mostly been about figuring out how to fit writing into your already busy life.

Writing projects take a long time and we can’t always count on our goal to pull us forward. We also need momentum pushing us ahead.

Glancing back to notice the time or effort or pile of words between us and our starting point is one place to find that momentum.

Some Questions To Consider

How much time have you been able to spend writing this month? Every minute spent on your writing process is something to celebrate.

Have you spent time and energy figuring out a writing schedule? It doesn’t matter if your schedule works yet, your efforts to make it work count.

How many words have you written? Don’t get caught up in comparison here, even self comparison, every single word written is a victory.

How much research have you done? That’s part of the writing process!

Have you done any revision? That counts, too!

Celebrate Every Word & Every Minute

Writing is a challenge.

Finding time to write is a challenge.

Research, revision, rewriting, those are all challenges, too.

You are rising to those challenges every single time you carve out a few moments with your words.

When you choose to celebrate small victories you give yourself the momentum to reach your goals.

I believe in you.

Write on!