Falling For Your Madness


My debut novel Falling For Your Madness surpassed ALL of my expectations! 

Some of my favorite quotes from David:

 “Our relationship’s progress is a one-way street. We cannot go back to friends: that option only works in pop songs.”

“It is, my love, a matter of revising history for the sake of personal convenience, and I am deeply conflicted.”

“I wanted to write you a poem about these flowers, but nothing rhymes with ranunculas.”


Falling For Your Madness by author Katharine Grubb
Is David completely mad, or does he have a reason to be so old-fashioned?

Eccentric literature professor David approaches Laura for an unconventional, intentional, rule-filled courtship filled with poetry, flowers and bottom-less cups of tea. Laura is smitten by his humor, charm and British accent. Dating David is challenging, convicting and sometimes frustrating. There is a reason why David is bound by the laws of chivalry, both body and soul and when Laura discovers what it is, she must decide. Is David worth it? Or is he completely mad? Falling For Your Madness is a romantic comedy about ladies, gentlemen, and the power of words.


From a five-star review: “This is likely to be the best antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey that you’ll come across for some time. If you think you’ll bite your Kindle if you have to encounter one more nasty, abusive, manipulative male lead, then I suggest you sink into this delightful rom-com instead of downloading the next FSOG clone. Falling For Your Madness has some serious things to say about how relationships SHOULD be conducted, with each side respecting and building up the other, but manages never to be preachy. I think it’s because David and Laura are both so adorable–and there are so many funny moments–that you get to a point where nothing matters.”


In 2013, Falling For Your Madness went to the semi-finalists in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, placing in the top five romance entries. (That means FFYM was in the top 25 out of 10,000 entries!) In December 2013, Falling For Your Madness was featured by Catholic Digest as a family friendly romance that promotes chastity and chivalry. It’s this book that opened doors for Write A Novel in 10 Minutes  A Day.


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