On World Book Day, Encourage Yourself to Write

Today, April 23, is World Book Day and I think the celebration is an excellent reason for you to find ways to encourage yourself to write.

Most of my writing coaching is about helping people to develop consistent habits. Sometimes, though, I like to encourage writers to think about their big goals and create some reminders to lead them forward.

Imagining your book-related future can be an excellent way to motivate yourself to write. Here are a few of my ideas, add your own in the comments!

Background images of books, a coffee cup, a clock, and a typewriter, with a beige circle in the foreground with text that reads 'On World Book Day, Encourage Yourself to Write.'

Create Your Future Book Cover

If you have dreamt of the day when your book will be out in the world instead of growing in your brain (or on your computer screen), you have probably also dreamt of seeing your name on the cover.

Why not get a jumpstart and create your own cover right now?

Sure, you may not know what your book will be called but you definitely know what the author’s name will be.

Break out your crayons or load up Canva and design the cover of your book. If you can’t think of a title, call it ‘Best Seller’ for now and have fun with fonts, images, and blurbs.

Print a copy to hang above your writing spot or fold it around an existing book on your shelf so you can see what it will look like when your book is in print.

Imagine an Interview

Another common author’s dream is being interviewed about your book and your brilliance in writing it.

That dream makes for an excellent writing exercise.

Google a list of questions that one of your favourite authors has been asked in an interview and answer the questions for yourself. You can write the answers as if it were a print magazine or website, or you can use your phone and record yourself answering them.

If you don’t know what your book is all about yet – make things up!

You may find this exercise gives you some new ideas or helps you solidify the ones you already have.

Take a Field Trip

Head out to your local library or bookstore and find the section where your future book will live. You can count the steps from the front door, count the other books on the shelf, check out your book-to-be’s neighbours, anything that adds to the realism for you.

If you’re feeling brave, you could bring your created book cover with you and tuck it into the right spot. Snap a photo so you can use it for inspiration later!

(Don’t forget to take your paper back home with you or things might be awkward!)

Feeling Inspired? Get Back to Writing!

Now that you know what you are doing, it’s time to get back to laying the path forward. Whether you write 5 words today or 5000, you are still moving yourself forward.

Every single word makes you a better writer.

Write On!