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    Fantastic Fridays: No Inspiration? No Motivation? No Problem.

    How often do you fall into the trap of believing that you have to be inspired or motivated in order to write? Sure, inspiration and motivation can make writing FEEL easier but you don’t NEED to be inspired or motivated in order to write. In fact, once you learn to write without them, you will get a lot more writing done, a lot faster, because you aren’t waiting for them to show up. And, oddly enough, once you have started writing, you will find yourself both inspired and motivated to continue. The trick is in getting started. To help you figure out how to start, let’s think a little bit…

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    Fantastic Fridays: Collect Encouragement

    Today, I’m inviting you to foster your writing habits by collecting encouragement. What does that mean? Well, when it comes to discouraging comments and thoughts, we all seem to have perfect recall. We can remember the smallest insult, the most minuscule disparaging remark. We hold those in our minds as if they were somehow a pure truth. Yet, the comments from people who enjoyed our work? Those we dismiss as biased or we convince ourselves that the commenters didn’t do a thorough reading. Negativity Bias We’re not to blame for this mental habit. It’s part of what’s known as a negativity bias – which is a natural tendency for negative…

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    Do You Read Like A Writer?

    If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. — Stephen King Stephen King knows what he’s talking about. Aside from actually writing, reading is probably the best way to cross-train your writing mind and strengthen your writing skills. You could also think of it as feeding your writing muscles. Just like any other muscle, you can care for your writing muscles by using them regularly and making sure you get good nutrition. Read books in your genre. There are a lot of good reasons to read in your genre, but I’m only going to touch on a couple…

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    Fantastic Fridays: Celebrate Every Word & Every Minute

    When we’re aiming to create a writing practice or to complete a specific writing project, we tend to keep our eyes on the road ahead. It’s great to know where we are going, obviously, but have you taken a glance over your shoulder recently? If we always looking forward, we only see the distance between our current position and our goal. But, if we glance backward, we’ll see how far we have come. It is worth taking the time to notice your progress. And it is worth taking time to celebrate your hard work. Even if – especially if- your hard work has mostly been about figuring out how to…

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Gentle Reminders About Writing

    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Joyous Friday! Whatever you are celebrating (or not celebrating today) I hope this post finds you with some of your favourite comforts and, perhaps with a little time to write! As a little holiday gift, I offer you these five gentle reminders about your writing.  You can write whatever you want If you are writing for your own happiness, to work your way through something, or for the sheer joy of stringing words together, you can’t write whatever you please.  You don’t need to be writing something that someone else would see as useful. Your writing can be just for you. It’s okay to write something…

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Questions for Author Michelle Butler Hallett

    For this month’s Five Questions posts, we’re pleased to welcome author Michelle Butler Hallett who offers her insight and advice about the writing process. Michelle is the author of five novels – This Marlowe, deluded your sailors, Sky Waves, Double-blind and Constant Nobody (to be released in March 2021 from Goose Lane Editions) and the story collection The shadow side of grace.  Constant Nobody is available for pre-order here.  You can find out more about Michelle’s work on her website and on her Facebook page. What aspects of writing are easiest for you? Revision. I find the first draft intimidating and difficult. The first draft has gotten a bit easier…

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    50 Cheap & Easy Ways To Improve Your Writing

    Can’t afford to take a writing class? Never fear! All you really need is a library, internet access, Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter! YOU can improve your writing skills by doing these 50 things. I admit, some of these aren't exactly writing activities, but if you do them, and you practice observing with all five senses and spend at least 10 minutes writing about the experience, you will improve. YOU WILL!

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Field Trips For Your Senses

    We all have to do mundane and routine things to maintain our lives – errands, grocery shopping, yard work, and so on.  But, what if, instead of just drifting along with our routines, we considered at least some of our errands as ‘field trips’ for our senses?  We could use the sensory information we gather to enrich our scenes and our settings. And, in essence, we would be dedicating a little more time to our creative practice each week. I realize that you will not be able to do this for every errands you have to run every week. But even if you did it for a few errands every…

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    When Darkness Keeps You From Writing

    My own core negative beliefs included: "My dreams aren't worth the trouble." "I'll probably never succeed, so why try?" "I'm not good enough." "I've failed before, so I'll probably fail again," and "shouldn't wifehood and motherhood be enough?"