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    How To Make Small Goals Work For You

    As much as you'd like to think you can shoot for the moon, I think that the moon, as beautiful and romantic as it is, isn't even a little bit possible. At least for right now. It could be that in the season your life is in, to be a writer, we need to start small, we need to have low expectations.

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    How 10 Minute Novelists Invest In Themselves

    I'm as frugal as the next person. In fact, I'm kind of a skinflint. I will come up with a million ways from Saturday to get out of spending money. Some of my ideas are practical, like shopping at thrift stores for growing kids but some are a little ridiculous, like how I decided that instead of going to a writers' conference, I'd just watch all the writing videos on YouTube. If I'm going to spend money, especially on my art, I'd like to know what will be worth the trouble.

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    Take 5 Friday: 5 Ways to be More Comfortable When You Write

    How comfortable and welcoming is your writing space? When we have trouble getting to our writing, we often think that internal factors are the cause. We might look into a variety of reasons for our resistance and try multiple strategies to overcome them. Those strategies are useful if the issue is inside our heads but what about if our resistance stems from our environment? Thanks to some time spent with people with sensory issues, I have started to notice how my environment affects my ability to write. I have made a few adjustments in my workspace and it has helped enormously. The same may be true for you. So, if…

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    Creating Habit Hop-Ons

    Recently I pulled a muscle in my knee that was serious enough that I required physical therapy for a few weeks. At the first visit, my therapist gave me a list of stretching exercises that would help my knee, thigh, and other leg muscles get stronger. I was to do them twice a day, every day, indefinitely.  It is not fun to be given a new list of things to do, but I really wanted my knee to feel better. I had no choice. I had to find a way to incorporate these exercises into my daily routine so that I wouldn’t leave them to the end of the day. …

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    What To Do With Too Much Writing Advice

    Generally speaking, writers are isolated introverts, hiding from the real world, wrapping themselves up in their imaginary lands, fighting dragons, discovering treasure and falling in love. It’s a lonely place. It could be that they withdraw from the real world as an act of personal survival.

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    Nine Reasons To Write Now

    Take the now and write! Seize the day for the moment! Set your timer for 10 minutes and get all those thoughts down, all those ideas, all those words that have been jumbling around in your mind, and get them down!