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    Fantastic Fridays: 3 Steps For Getting Back On Track

    What do you do when your plans go awry or your routines get thrown off? How do you get back on track? My last couple of weeks have been a jumble and even my most consistent routines have fallen by the wayside.  I didn’t even manage to post my Fantastic Fridays posts.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t write them – I had decent drafts written – but I somehow didn’t manage to get them into WordPress.  And, as always, once I had gotten out of my posting routine, it felt like it would be very hard to start posting again. Fortunately, I have coached lots of people (including myself!) through…

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    Fantastic Fridays: Three Encouraging Reminders

    For today’s post, I’m going to keep things simple and offer you three encouraging reminders of the freedom you have in your writing. You can choose what to write about I understand that there’s a lot of pressure out in the world to write about specific things because they’re marketable. Or maybe you’ve been told that your topic is old-fashioned or boring. Only you get to decide what you’re going to write about. If a project is interesting or exciting to you and it lets you express something you want to express, then it’s a worthwhile project. When you are first writing you don’t need to concern yourself with whether something…

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    Fantastic Fridays: Friendly July Check-In

    There’s just one more writing day in July and it’s the perfect time to look back at your efforts and see how things worked out. How did your writing go this month? Could you write when you intended to? Did you write the things that you intended to? What obstacles did you encounter? Did you overcome them or are you still working on that? What can you celebrate about this month’s writing? (Remember, your effort ALWAYS counts here.) What lessons can you take from July and bring into August’s writing session? Once you have gathered all of your information about this past month, it’s time to think about how you…

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    Fantastic Fridays: Playing with Writing Prompts

    You might think of writing prompts as a great way to do some writing practice or as a great way to start a new story. But how often have you used them to move an existing story along or to kickstart a stalled work-in-progress? A writing prompt can really help, as long as you are willing to play with it a little to find how it will work for your story. Go on a Tangent Using a prompt to start a story gives you a fresh perspective and helps you pull out unexpected ideas. It can do the same thing for your longer work in progress, if you’re willing to…

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    Fantastic Fridays: Trust Your Process

    One of the most important things you can do as a writer is learn to trust your process. After all, no matter how many writer friends you have, or how many groups you belong to, writing is basically a solitary activity.  Sure, you can have company while you write, or you can consult on ideas or plot holes, but sooner or later it is going to be just you and the page.  There are hundreds of people out there advising you about writing but the truth is that only YOU know how you write best. You might have to take some time to observe your patterns but the information is…

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    Fantastic Fridays: 5 Ways to Deal With Feeling ‘Meh’

    If you are looking at your work and feeling stuck or just kind of meh, you’re in good company. All writers feel like that from time to time.  Everyone gets tired of their project, or runs out of ideas, or finds that they ‘just aren’t feeling it’ in the course of their writing. It’s a natural part of being a writer or of doing any sort of extended project.  But, if this project is important to you (even if it doesn’t feel important right now), you will want to find a way out of those tired, meh feelings.  Why not give these solutions a try? Take a rest The first…

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    Fantastic Fridays: 3 Writerly Traps To Avoid

    Sometimes writerly challenges require complex solutions. Other times, our challenges with writing arise from some very basic issues stemming from how we are approaching our early drafts. It’s not that we’re choosing a wrong path, it’s that we’ve fallen into some subconscious patterns that are making things more difficult than they need to be. Since the first step in changing those patterns is to become aware of them, I thought I would share a few reminders of common first draft traps that writers fall into. Trap #1: Trying to write the whole thing at the same time Note: This trap isn’t about trying to complete your story in one marathon…

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    Tips For Writing A Memorable Fight Scene

    A fight scene is the most elemental form of conflict. A well-written one can be mesmerizing and enjoyable! Craft yours carefully and you'll have your readers cheering and booing in all the right places.

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    Fantastic Fridays: Invite Yourself Back To Your Writing

    Whether you are facing a blank page, or trying to get back into the ‘zone’ you were working in last time, starting a new writing session can be a challenge. But getting your writing started doesn’t have to feel so hard. In fact, if you can develop a practice of inviting yourself back to your writing, you can make it easier and easier to get started. So, how do you invite yourself back? Check out the list below so you can begin to develop your own enticing invitation to get writing. Start at the end Obviously, you can’t jump ahead to the end of a session that hasn’t even started.…