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    Twenty Useful SubReddits for Science Fiction Writers

    I do not view Reddit as a place to promote my books, although I’m sure there are subreddits you might be able to do a book plug here and there if you are so inclined, but I do view it as place to forge new connections and tap into the knowledge bases of fellow science fiction writers and fans of the genre.

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    Seven Ways To Keep Your Buzz and Write Drunk

    During Nanowrimo each year I see dozens of people falling into the editing trap when they should be writing. I get it: I’ve been trapped by those some concerns too. But nothing kills the possibility of finishing your work faster than accidentally falling into editing mode.

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    How To Leave A Kind Review

    Authors should be a shining example of leaving stellar reviews, be our opinions positive or negative. We know firsthand how much work writing, revising, editing, promoting, publishing, and marketing can be. Whatever our opinion, it can—and should—be handled with grace. Here are a few basic guidelines to ensure this happens.

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    Writing What You Know (And You Know A Lot!)

    But I don't believe that “writing what you know” necessarily means that, or at least it does not mean only that. Sure, if you've lived on a farm your whole life, it will be easier for you to tell the story of a farming family. If you've been a businessperson for the last thirty years, you will be able to write an office-place drama more easily than most other authors. However, you know a lot more than that. So do your readers. This is where you need to “write what you know”. And what do you know? Plenty.

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    How Running Makes Me A Better Writer

    However, over the years I've been running and writing regularly, I've learned that there are things about running that I experience which resonate with the writer in me, and it's these things I want to share with you today.

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    Branded: Three Must-Haves For Effective Branding

    By: Rennie St. James Are you branded? Have you seen (or posted) the example of people happily paying $5 for coffee before tipping, but then complaining that a book costs $0.99?? I’ve shared that example myself and have been annoyed by it. Only recently have I discovered a new understanding of it, and that is what I want to share here. Those people aren’t just buying a cup of coffee. They are buying a brand. In the case of Starbucks, one that has been around since 1971. Those people have bought countless coffees that met or exceeded their needs and that’s what they are paying for – that guaranteed success…

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    Where Do We Get Our Ideas?

    The eternal question asked by and of writers. Where do you get your ideas from? In response to this frequently asked question, the divine Neil Gaiman has said: ‘I make them up,’ I tell them. ‘Out of my head.’ Well, obviously. Whatever we do and say, odds are, it probably originated from out of our heads. Including that little voice. The inner narrator, the one that watches two people at a bar or on the tube and invents an entire story around them. Stephen King, driving through the town of Ruth in Nevada, was struck by how quiet it was. Almost like a ghost town. He wondered idly where everyone was…