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    Ten Ways To Love Your Readers

    Someday your writing will be read by someone other than your family. And when the time comes that people who don’t know you love what you have to say, you need to make sure that you love them back.  Here are ten ways to show the love to your readers.  1. Be accessible.   Your social media presence should be there to nurture relationships, not just push your sales. Carefully consider every way that you and your brand are represented. If it’s not welcoming or easy to find, make some changes. 2. Be generous. This means you need to be a in a position to give without any expectation of return. Readers…

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    Do You Read Like A Writer?

    If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. — Stephen King Stephen King knows what he’s talking about. Aside from actually writing, reading is probably the best way to cross-train your writing mind and strengthen your writing skills. You could also think of it as feeding your writing muscles. Just like any other muscle, you can care for your writing muscles by using them regularly and making sure you get good nutrition. Read books in your genre. There are a lot of good reasons to read in your genre, but I’m only going to touch on a couple…

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    Five Ways Your Protagonist Can Solve Inner Conflicts

    The best stories have many conflicts going on at once. In your story, you can have the outer, most obvious battle between your protagonist and their overt antagonistic forces. But also, your protagonist could also be dealing with something inside them, some unresolved issues, or some haunt from the past. As they progress through the story, eventually overcoming the outer obstacles, make sure they conquer the inner ones as well.

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    Real Reasons Why You May Be Procrastinating

    We all joke about procrastinating. But I have theory, and I have some reasons to back it up, that there's more going on when I procrastinate. I believe that procrastination is a combination of fear, anxiety, and laziness, maybe even a little pride too, and when I procrastinate doing a task. I often wonder if it's just a symptom of a bigger problem. Is it for you?

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    How to “Show” Your Protagonist Is Stressed

    By adding these hints of stress — and really you only need 3 or 4 of them through the course of the story — you are creating a more identifiable character for your readers. You want your readers to empathize with the pain your main character is going through. The more empathy, the more willing they are to follow the main character throughout the entire story.

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    10 Tips For Creating a Dysfunctional Family In Your Fiction

    To paraphrase Tolstoy: “All messed up families are the same, they are messed up in a different way.” If you want to create conflict in your fictional family life, there are millions of different ways to do it. Generally speaking, most conflict in families comes from power struggles. In abusive situations, one person usually holds most of the power and they conditionally give power to the other members of the family.  Here are a list of 12 general ways that this power struggle might manifest itself in a family. And as awful as it is to go through in real life, the fight for power is a gold mine for…

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    Tips For Writing A Memorable Fight Scene

    A fight scene is the most elemental form of conflict. A well-written one can be mesmerizing and enjoyable! Craft yours carefully and you'll have your readers cheering and booing in all the right places.

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    Potential Lies Your Protagonist Could Tell Themselves

    Conventional wisdom suggests that protagonists should likable, or at least if not likable, relatable. The strongest protagonists could be those that the reader sees themselves in, even for a moment. But what is it that they recognize? Could it be self-delusion? Great stories often come out of the internal struggles that characters face as the story progresses. Sometimes as the story unfolds, the lies crumble before them, one at a time, so characters have to recalibrate how they view the world and their circumstances.  Lies can be the biggest obstacle protagonists face. Here are some suggestions on lies your characters may believe. Potential Lie #1: Others’ approval is everything! What…