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How I Murdered My Own Twitter Feed

The most interesting thing happened yesterday (well, not really the most interesting thing, I have kids, they’re generally the most interesting thing I deal with daily) Anywho…yesterday I saw a tweet with a quote attributed to an author (henceforth known as super mega-famous author or SMFA) and well, despite my own admiration for this SMFA, I didn’t agree with the quote attributed to him. So I retweeted it, publicly saying I disagreed with SMFA. NEVER AGAIN.

I had a solid ten minutes of freaking out because SMFA I highly admire actually responded to my tweet (though my hubs is certain the response was a backhanded dig) but that ten minutes of freaking out was cut short due to my feed imploding with SMFA’s fans all telling me how wrong I was. Now maybe I should have expected that SMFA is pretty much deified by his fans (I’m a fan, so I understand) but I guess I didn’t realize that so many would feel the need for what, stand up for SMFA and his opinion? Either way, I had to shut off my twitter notifications because it was getting ridiculous. Plus, some of them were not nice.

my tweet ^

response from SMFA ^

Here’s the thing. We, as humans, are allowed to have opinions. We are allowed to agree to disagree. This is a thing, right? Me disagreeing doesn’t mean I don’t still admire SMFA (cause I do), it just means we disagree. So if his fans could stop coming into my feed and telling me how wrong I am just cause I disagree with him, yeah that’d be nice.

Also, it’s already been established that I disagree with him, so if his reply is a burn at me, I don’t care. So all the “boom” “mic drop” and “get it” tweets…who are those for? Is that you wanting to be part of a conversation? Do you really think I care that SMFA thinks he should pity me? I mean, I tend to be really curious about social interactions and why people do the things they do, so curious minds are curious. What do you get out of that?

Sheri Williams is a 10 Minute Novelist who laughs in the face of genre, loves her mister and her kids. She’s a stuffed animal hoarder nerd who write fantasy and mayhem in Alabama. This post was reprinted from the original here with her permission.

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