Hire Ariel The Virtual Assistant!

Do you need another hand?

Author Virtual Assistant

I can create Ala Carte GRAPHIC DESIGN!

Blog Graphics: $2 each

Facebook header: $3

Bookmarks design $5

Business card design $5

(Do you want to see a sample? Let’s talk!   ariel(dot)e(dot)grubb@gmail.com)

I can manage your Twitter Account!

1. Follow 100 people in your target market.

2. Unfollow inactive followers

3. RT from your favorites list

4. Schedule your blog posts

5. Create target market lists

( I have a key word worksheet to get you started!  ariel(dot)e(dot)grubb@gmail.com)

I can manage your Pinterest Account!

1. Find followers in your target market

2. Repin from your favorites

3. Upload pins from your blog

4. Upload pins from your favorite websites

( This will save you loads of time!  ariel(dot)e(dot)grubb@gmail.com)

I can manage your Blog!

1. Proofread blog posts.

2. Create various headlines and subheadlines

3. Create bullet points

4. Conform text to your style

5. Create pinnable graphics for each post

(Your blog should look consistent. I can help!  ariel(dot)e(dot)grubb@gmail.com)

I can assist with Marketing!

1. Gather contact information for all libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, newspapers within 100 mile radius of your home.

2. Research local craft fairs or festivals within 100 mile radius of your home.

3. List your books on free or $.99 websites, blogs or Facebook pages

(This will save you hours of time!  ariel(dot)e(dot)grubb@gmail.com)

Rates? Let’s Talk! I can work around your budget! 

Discounted rates for more hours!

Please send me an email! ariel(dot)e(dot)grubb@gmail.com and let’s talk about how I can make your life easier!

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