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Three Tricks I Used Around My House That Gave Me More Time To Write

Back in the early days of my original blog, my computer was in my kitchen. It was easy for me to go back and forth between Mommy responsibilities and my writing passions. But I was always looking for ways to make the have-tos more time efficient.  Keep in mind, these all come from a Stay-At-Home Homeschooling Mother of Five point of view. I fully understand that everyone doesn’t live their life like mine (poor you!) but perhaps my ideas will stimulate some of yours!

Here are the first three tricks I used to train my family that gave me more time to write!

Three tricks I used around my house that gave me more time to write #timemanagement #writing #novel #fiction

 #1: Delegate!

If you’re a mom, start giving kids simple things to do, gradually adding more as they get older. (Nobody really wants more responsibility, but it’s a part of life, right?) I’ve noticed that my kids can handle light chores at about age 4 1/2 ( a little later for the boys).  If I can delegate setting the table, clearing the table, washing the high chair and sweeping the floor, I’ve already added ten minutes to my life to do what I want. Of course, I must gently teach them how to do it and reward them for a job well done.  I also make it clear that this is their daily job, not mine. It also doesn’t kill them to earn their TV, DVD, iPad or computer time.

So, take an honest look at your daily to-do list. What items can you relinquish control over?  What chores can be someone else’s responsibility instead of yours? Where can you find those ten minutes?

#2 Blood, Vomit and Fire (Or the Only Reasons To Interrupt Mommy!)

#3: Reward Yourself! (Or What To Do After You Clean the Bathroom)

On Saturdays, cleaning the bathroom is a must do.  Oh, how I would much rather be writing. (Hey, I’d much rather be doing anything!) So, I decided that I would clean that room first, get it over with, work as hard as I could on it for ten minutes and reward myself with writing!

What job do you have to do today that is yucky?  What have you been putting off? Can you reward yourself by tackling it a few minutes at a time.  Can you work hard on it for ten minutes and then go sit at your computer (or even with pen and paper) and write for a while as your reward?

If we are to be real writers, (the kind that get paid and published) then we must be disciplined.  If it weren’t for my little ten minute method, I would never have a clean bathroom, clean clothes, clean dishes and DSS would be knocking on my door. Perhaps these three tips can help you too!

Take these little steps. Ten minutes at a time.  You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish.


Katharine Grubb has mastered the art of freewriting because she wrote her first novel in 10 minute increments. There are probably easier ways to write a book, but with homeschooling her five children, she’ll take what she can get. Her latest book, Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day was just released and is available on She lives in Massachusetts and blogs at

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  • Tia

    I wanna try this! Starting tomorrow, I want to set a ten-minute timer and see what I can do between shopping and college work! Can’t wait to finish my 1st draft! Thank you, Katherine! 🙂

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