The Facebook Group

What Is The Facebook Group? 

This website is the direct result of the success of a Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists, that was created in March 2014.  The Facebook group is where our community is the most active. You can be a part of the Facebook group easily, just click here.

Why would writers want to be in the Facebook Group, 10 Minute Novelists?

The Facebook Group, 10 Minute Novelists,  is where all the fun is! Because we have writers from all over the world, you can talk with writers 24/7. And it’s only on the Facebook group that we hold our weekly chats, host the #MondayBlogs blog hop, share our #AuthorHappiness and if it’s Tuesday, it’s BUDDY DAY! That’s the perfect day to find a reader for your work-in-progress.  Join us there, and let’s get to know you! 


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