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Take 5 Friday: Five Gentle Reminders About Writing

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Joyous Friday!

Whatever you are celebrating (or not celebrating today) I hope this post finds you with some of your favourite comforts and, perhaps with a little time to write!

As a little holiday gift, I offer you these five gentle reminders about your writing. 

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You can write whatever you want

If you are writing for your own happiness, to work your way through something, or for the sheer joy of stringing words together, you can’t write whatever you please.  You don’t need to be writing something that someone else would see as useful. Your writing can be just for you.

It’s okay to write something that has been ‘done before’

It may have been done before or said before but it hasn’t been done or said by YOU. You are bringing your very own experiences, ideas, and unique brain to bear on these idea and no one else can write like you do. The way *you* say something might be the very way someone else needs to read it.

You deserve time for your writing

Maybe your life is really busy right now. Maybe you have a lot of responsibilities. But, you deserve to have your own space in your own life. You don’t have to make your writing into an obligation but if it is something you WANT to do then you deserve that time for yourself. You don’t have to earn it by doing everything else first.

It’s okay for your first draft to be awful

You don’t have to get it right the first time. Having an awful first, second, third draft is perfectly normal. It doesn’t say anything about whether you *should* be a writer, it just tells you that early drafts are hard. As you get more experience, you will have fewer terrible drafts and more okay ones.

It’s okay to get help

You don’t have to know everything about writing . In fact, you will never know everything about writing. Even the best writers in the world get support and help from other people. If you have trouble with one part of writing, ask for help to improve it.  Take a course, do some reading, get lots of practice. Just don’t assume it means that seeking help means that you aren’t a ‘natural’ writer. Every writer gets help sometimes – it’s the only way to sharpen your skills!

No matter what kind of day you are having today, whether you are celebrating or not, I  am sending you ease and hope. 

And I am sending you good wishes for fun and enjoyable writing sessions. 

Write on!