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Take 5 Friday: Five Writerly Ways to Round Out 2020

Planning to spend the next few weeks in holiday mode?

In relaxation mode?

Going full steam ahead? 

No matter how you plan to spend the rest of 2020, it can be VERY good for your writing. 

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Here are 5 links to previous posts to help you see how your plans can foster your writing. 

Taking a break?

If your plans involve taking time away from your writing, don’t feel guilty about it! 

Enjoy that time away. Let your writer-brain rest and let those ideas bubble. 

If you find yourself feeling a bit weird or guilty about taking time off, choose a specific time to get back to the page. Sometimes that odd feeling stems from the fear that we won’t get started again. Having a specific time to return to our work helps us to quiet the fear, and helps us enjoy the down time even more.

If you want to make it a little easier to return, check out Return to the Page.

Planning some extra writing time? 

If your schedule is a bit more flexible right now, perhaps you are planning to write a bit more than usual. 

Enjoy your wordiness and be kind to yourself about your progress. If you’re wondering about how to fit those extra writing sessions in, here are some ideas for Holiday Writing Plan Success.

Maybe you’ll have company? 

Whether your company will be in-person or virtual, this time of year brings everyone’s quirks and foibles to the surface. And, that can make for some interesting character research. 

You might even consider yourself a Seasonal Anthropologist and check out this post.

Diving into movies, books, or TV?

If your plans involve a lot of watching or reading, you are actually doing something great for your own writing. Enjoying (or *not* enjoying) other writers’ work helps you to notice what techniques and approaches make sense for the viewer/reader. You can then adopt similar things in your own work, or learn what to avoid!

Here is a list of ways that focused TV watching can help your writing. A lot of these tips can work for a variety of media.

Considering some end of year reflection?

This has been a strange (and stressful) year for many of us. If you usually spend this time of year in reflection, you may find it a bit more challenging this year. 

Rather than spending time dwelling on the things that didn’t work or that didn’t happen, I’d like to encourage you to consider the questions and ideas in this post from a couple of years ago. 

Taking an inventory of positive things about your writing might be the perfect way for you to round out these last few weeks of the year.


However you choose to spend the weeks ahead, I wish you ease, rest, and joy. 

Be kind to yourselves, writer friends!