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Take 5: Five Fun Friday Prompts

Writing is serious business, of course, but it’s perfectly okay to have fun while you are doing it!

This week’s Take 5 is filled with fun prompts so you can play around with your words.

Maybe they will help you with your work-in-progress or maybe they will be an enjoyable diversion. Either way, any writing that you do will build your skills and help you become a better writer.

Have fun! Write on!

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1) Stir up some emotion

Choose a video/scene from TV show where someone is clearly angry or joyful.

1) How can you tell their emotions just by looking at them?
2) How do their actions reveal their emotions?
3) If you have chosen something with sound, how does the person’s voice indicate their feelings?
4) Does their emotion build? If so, how?
5) At the end of the scene/video, have their emotions changed? How can you tell?

Make a few notes or write a little about how you might use this information to portray anger or joy in a future project.

2) Get the conversation started

Imagine that character 1’s first line “I just don’t think you will ever understand.”

Pick one of the following reactions and write a 5 line conversation.

1) Character 2 is frustrated
2) Character 2 feels guilty
3) Character 2 is indifferent
4) Character 2 is sympathetic
5) Character 2 feels misunderstood

3) Out of place

Describe part of a very ordinary setting and then add one bizarre or upsetting element that throws the reader off.

Some ideas-

1) a desk with a knife stuck into the middle of it
2) a kitchen counter with a dirt-encrusted skull on it
3) a doctor’s office with a scaly monster sitting one of the chairs
4) one car in a traffic jam is being driven by someone wearing a Halloween mask
5) a wooded area with a pile of burnt clothing

4) Get into the groove

Pick a song you enjoy and pretend it is a message from one character to another in a story.

1) Who are these characters?
2) What was going on just before the song?
3) Why would one of them choose to convey this message in song?
4) Is the message effective?
5) How does the recipient respond?

5) Mix and Match

Choose one literary character and one character from a TV show and imagine a scenario in which they could meet. (Hint: Doctor’s offices and airports are always good for this sort of thing.)

1) Where are they?
2) What would each person think of the other?
3) Do they get along?
4) What do they have in common?
5) Would they be able to work together if they had to?