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    Fantastic Fridays: 5 Ways to Deal With Feeling ‘Meh’

    If you are looking at your work and feeling stuck or just kind of meh, you’re in good company. All writers feel like that from time to time.  Everyone gets tired of their project, or runs out of ideas, or finds that they ‘just aren’t feeling it’ in the course of their writing. It’s a natural part of being a writer or of doing any sort of extended project.  But, if this project is important to you (even if it doesn’t feel important right now), you will want to find a way out of those tired, meh feelings.  Why not give these solutions a try? Take a rest The first…

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    Real Reasons Why You May Be Procrastinating

    We all joke about procrastinating. But I have theory, and I have some reasons to back it up, that there's more going on when I procrastinate. I believe that procrastination is a combination of fear, anxiety, and laziness, maybe even a little pride too, and when I procrastinate doing a task. I often wonder if it's just a symptom of a bigger problem. Is it for you?

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    Fantastic Fridays: Make a Summer Plan

    Does your approach to your writing change with the seasons? Here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is turning into summer. For many of us, that means a more relaxed schedule and an opportunity to change when and how we write.  But, while writing is enjoyable, we also want to take advantage of the sunny days and longer evenings to relax and take things slowly.  That’s why it’s important to make some decisions in advance and plan a summer that lets you strike a balance.  When you have a plan for your summer, you can distinguish between work time and play time and that will add up to more fun and…

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    How to “Show” Your Protagonist Is Stressed

    By adding these hints of stress — and really you only need 3 or 4 of them through the course of the story — you are creating a more identifiable character for your readers. You want your readers to empathize with the pain your main character is going through. The more empathy, the more willing they are to follow the main character throughout the entire story.

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    10 Tips For Creating a Dysfunctional Family In Your Fiction

    To paraphrase Tolstoy: “All messed up families are the same, they are messed up in a different way.” If you want to create conflict in your fictional family life, there are millions of different ways to do it. Generally speaking, most conflict in families comes from power struggles. In abusive situations, one person usually holds most of the power and they conditionally give power to the other members of the family.  Here are a list of 12 general ways that this power struggle might manifest itself in a family. And as awful as it is to go through in real life, the fight for power is a gold mine for…

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    Fantastic Fridays: 3 Writerly Traps To Avoid

    Sometimes writerly challenges require complex solutions. Other times, our challenges with writing arise from some very basic issues stemming from how we are approaching our early drafts. It’s not that we’re choosing a wrong path, it’s that we’ve fallen into some subconscious patterns that are making things more difficult than they need to be. Since the first step in changing those patterns is to become aware of them, I thought I would share a few reminders of common first draft traps that writers fall into. Trap #1: Trying to write the whole thing at the same time Note: This trap isn’t about trying to complete your story in one marathon…

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    Tips For Writing A Memorable Fight Scene

    A fight scene is the most elemental form of conflict. A well-written one can be mesmerizing and enjoyable! Craft yours carefully and you'll have your readers cheering and booing in all the right places.

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    Fantastic Fridays: Clear Your Head

    Do your writing plans and projects tend to get jumbled in your brain? Even when I have a clear list of projects and tasks, I can end up taking on a bit too much and getting overwhelmed. My brain fills up with tasks and ideas and projects and I feel like I have no idea where or how to start. Luckily, I now recognize that feeling as part of the challenge of writing and I have a plan to help clear my head. If you end up with the same sort of jumble, maybe my process will help. Feel free to adjust anything that doesn’t work for you! Note: If…