Our Community

This website is the direct result of the success of our Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists.  Over 13,000 writers from all over the world engage daily to encourage each other, give advice, and share resources. We have so much fun that in April 2016 and 2018,  Writer’s Digest named us as one of the Top 100 Sites for Writers!

Why do writers join 10 Minute Novelists?

Because we have writers from all over the world, so someone is always available to help. We hold weekly chats to learn the craft, host #MondayBlogs, ask for feedback on #BuddyDay Tuesdays, and share our #AuthorHappiness every Wednesday.

The Facebook group is where our community has the most fun. You can join by clicking here.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the things members say.

Jessica White says: This group has reminded me of my first love, community organizing, and how important it is to work together and encourage one another to learn and grow as a writer.

Erin Cupp  says: It’s made me smile and kept me motivated, and I’ve seen it do great things to promote writing friends as well.

Sara Marschand says: I’ve learned to be less frustrated by not making my goals with the little kids around. It’s hard. I’m thankful for those who know and remind me so that I can accept the writing fails with grace. The 365 Writing Challenge keeps me focused. This group gives me a band aid when I scrape my knee, and a hug when I get up before putting me back in the game.

Sandy Stuckless says: This group, along with a couple of others have given me an outlet, a place I can go where people DO understand and feel what I feel. It makes my desire to write even more acute and awesome.



We also have special events like our 365 Writing Challenge where our members come together to develop the habit of writing consistently.  We have games, contests, conversations, special guests and events for our members all year.

The 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group is free and it’s for writers of all kinds from all over the world. Click here to join us!