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Nine Reasons To Write Now

Can’t you write now? Why aren’t you pursuing your writing dream?

The time to write is now! The time for the Carpe Diem, Seize The Day, yolo-ing action, when you set your timer and begin writing this very second.

Take the now and write! Seize the day for the moment! Set your timer for 10 minutes and get all those thoughts down, all those ideas, all those words that have been jumbling around in your mind, and get them down!

Can’t write this very second? Make a promise to yourself that today, TODAY, you’ll write for 10 minutes. You don’t need anything special — not a computer screen, not a fancy processing application, nothing like that — a pencil and paper will do. Give yourself this gift. You need to write. Your dreams have been neglected for so long that they may have wilted and died. Breath a little life into them and write.

Why now?

Because the notion that there are perfect times to write is a lie. That two hour block of time you long for? An illusion. Your life is way too busy for that. Instead, seize what you can, when you can. Ten minutes here and there can make all the difference.

Because you aren’t getting any younger. Any gamble on future time is a foolish one. We don’t know what the future holds. You can’t save up your dream for the future, your life could be too short for that. Instead, look at today, the now, as a gift and seize it.

Why today?

Because your kids are watching you. These same creatures that don’t remember to put the dishes in the dishwasher or can’t change the toilet paper roll themselves really are watching your move and telling themselves the truths they see in you. If you make an effort to pursue their dreams, they’ll follow your example and seize the day too.

Because today’s excuses create tomorrow’s heartache. You don’t have time? Maybe you don’t know what to say? You don’t think anyone is interested? Maybe you think you don’t have the right stuff? All of those excuses are collectively caught up behind you, chaining themselves to your will and emotions and are dragging you down, keeping you in the land of the ordinary, where you may wish you never ended up. Lose the excuses! Carpe Diem!

Not yet convinced?

Because a hot mess first draft is better than nothing. Get it out of your mind that you must have a perfect first draft and that every word is sacred. Lower those expectations for the words you slap down, one after the other. Look at them as the raw material of the fine sculpture that will come after many revisions. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, just write!

You must write now because:

Because momentum is an amazing thing! With every word you write, your creative engine revs a little faster, your brain gets a little more intrigued, your drive to create and be amazing gets stronger. If there is ever a motivation to move, right now, in your writing dreams, it could be to see what magic happens on the page. Go, set that timer, put those words, and marvel at what you’ve accomplished! I’ve seen it happen over and over — the first minute of the ten are the hardest. By the time that timer dings, you’ll want to reset it for another ten.

Because the words in your brain don’t know your resume. The words in your brain assume you can put them down, even if you aren’t an expert. Starting takes nothing, so start! Write words, any words and then with them you can stretch them, trim them, add to them, enhance them and you’ll learn as you go. You’ll be a better writer because you’ve written.

Why this minute?

Because a little goes a long way. If you commit to writing for ten minutes a day,  which could be a solid 400 words, you would have 2800 words in a week. over 10,000 in a month, over 120,000 in a year. All of those words will be yours alone and with them, you’ll have an amazing beginning — the stories, the articles, the blog posts, the poems will be reality, not just hopeful wishes.

Because habits aren’t hard to make. It doesn’t take long to build a good routine that can feed your creative soul.  Where in your day can you give yourself ten minutes. Make this time, your time and keep this promise to yourself. With a habit like this, you’ll have a plan to achieve your dreams.

Now is here. It’s this moment, this second, the person of who you are will never be the same as you are right now. NOW! There is this breath, this thought, this second and it will never come again.

Capture this moment right now for your writing goals, set your timer and go.

Your dreams are worth 10 minutes!

Katharine Grubb is a homeschooling mother of five, a novelist, a baker of bread, a comedian wannabe, a former running coward and the author of Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day. Besides pursuing her own fiction and nonfiction writing dreams, she also leads 10 Minute Novelists on Facebook, an international group for time-crunched writers that focuses on tips, encouragement and community.

Katharine Grubb is an author, poet, homeschooling mother, camping enthusiast, bread-baker, and believer in working in small increments of time. She leads 10 Minute Novelists, an international Facebook group of time-crunched writers. She lives with her family in Massachusetts.