Listen to Katharine! Her Podcast Appearances



In December 2017, Katharine was featured on Writer Mom Life. Click the image to listen!


Here, Katharine describes writing drabbles, the group 10 Minute Novelists and writers’ expectations. Click the image to listen.


In January of 2017, Katharine describes how to find time to write, even 10 minutes a day, when you’re too time-crunched to get anything done. Click the image to listen!


Katharine also appeared with Jennifer Fulwiler on her Sirius show in February 2017. Click the image to listen!


Synopsis: Author and founder of the 10 Minute Novelist Facebook Group, Katharine Grubb, discusses her new book, WHEN THE TIMER DINGS: ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE TO MAKE THE MOST OF 10 MINUTE INCREMENTS, as well as the guilt of not writing, making time for our passions, running a successful Facebook writing group, launching a new writing conference, and saying no when we don’t want to.