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Fantastic Fridays: Choosing to Write

As a writer, you know the power of choosing just the right word.

It’s time for us to claim the power of GETTING to write instead of being dragged down by the idea that we HAVE to write.

Having to write is an obligation, a punishment.

Getting to write is a reward, a celebration.

I know that writing is not always easy. It can be a frustrating and challenging process.

But don’t do ourselves any favours by talking about it in punishing terms. We act as if it is another dreaded item on our to-do lists.

We don’t have to pretend that writing is always easy or it is ok to complain when things go wrong but reframing how we talk about our writing practice could be useful.

Let me explain through an couple of non-writing examples.

Think of Everything as a Choice

There is a lot to be said about the way that we frame the tasks on our to-do lists. While we generally think of them as things we MUST do, really our lists are full of choices.

It may not seem like going to the grocery store is a choice, for example, but it is. We could choose not to go, we would just be hungry and that would be very frustrating and upsetting.

Or we can choose not to bring the car in to be repaired. Of course, if we don’t, we are at risk of causing it greater damage. It is still a choice though. A limited choice, with grave consequences but still a choice.

We’re choosing every item on our list, even if it’s just because we don’t like the consequences.

Even when the other option is unacceptable, framing a to-do list item as a choice creates a sense of freedom.

Having a choice makes us feel more empowered, less subject to the demands of our days.

This reframing changes our list into a series of choices that we have made about how we want to show up in the world.

The Choice to Write

So, if we want to have some more freedom and ease around our writing, it might help to view writing as a choice. A choice about what is important to us, a choice about how we want to spend some of our time, a choice about what we get to do regularly.

I’m not asking you to turn into Pollyanna and pretend that everything about writing is easy and straightforward. Is there’s anything for you to gain from viewing your writing as a reward instead of a command performance?

Perhaps it would shift something for you if you could see your writing time as a reward. Maybe viewing your writing time as a treat would make it easier to get back to the page.

Would it be more fun and interesting to write if you thought about your writing time as a secret haven in your day?

Do What Gets The Writing Done

Our goal here is to help you find the easiest ways to fit your writing practice into your busy life. If you find that viewing writing as an obligation serves you well, then, please, carry on.

But, if that concept feels restrictive to you, try thinking of your writing as a treat, a choice, something you are getting away with.

And, really, the choice to spend time using your imagination and your talent to create whole new thoughts and ideas is a treat, no matter what thought process you use to get yourself to the page.

Write on!


Christine Hennebury’s storytelling career began when she was four and her parents didn’t believe her tale about water shooting out of her nose onto the couch – they insisted that she had spilled bubble solution from the empty jar in her  hand. Luckily, her skills have improved since then. Christine makes up stories, shares stories, and coaches other people who are working on stories, in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Find out more about her  at  or visit her on Facebook .