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Weekly Drabble Contest for April 21!

This is the place for a weekly flash fiction contest!

Can you write a story in 100 words?

The Apples To Apples Drabble! 

The Rules: 

  1. Write a drabble. A drabble is a 100-word story, with beginning, middle and end. A drabble can be any genre. Make it exactly 100 words. You can do it. That’s what adjectives and adverbs are for.
  2. Include each of the three Apples To Apples cards in the photo. All three. Not two. Not four. ALL THREE. New cards are chosen every week. And you can ignore the small words that explain it clearer. We just want the big three.
  3. Paste your drabble into the comments below. Then share this with your friends. The more comments you get on your entry, the more likely you are to win!
  4. Absolutely no links, screen shots or salesy type of behavior in the content entry. 
  5. Winners are chosen by the amount of positive response they get. Comments like, “This is great!” or “How funny!” or “Good job!” are the kinds of things that will be counted. Negative comments like, “this contest sucks” or “the rest of the entries are losers” or “WTF?” will be unapproved. The author of this blog reserves the right to ignore or block any content that is suspected of originating from trolls. In the event of a tie, winners will be chosen by this method. 
  6. Limit 3 entries per person. If you’re having fun, come back next Friday.
  7. This contest is open from 5:00 AM EST every Friday and closes down the following Sunday night at midnight. Comments are welcome throughout the week, but no more entries are allowed. 
  8. All entries must contain no profanity, no graphic violence or erotica, and no hate speech. Entries that do not abide by this rule will not be approved. Consistent abuse of this rule will warrant a blocked user.
  9. Winning entries will be announced on the 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group page the following Friday. The entry will also be published in the monthly digital newsletter, 10 Minute Novelists Insider. You can sign up for this here! 

This week’s cards!


Katharine Grubb is an author, poet, homeschooling mother, camping enthusiast, bread-baker, and believer in working in small increments of time. She leads 10 Minute Novelists, an international Facebook group of time-crunched writers. She lives with her family in Massachusetts.


  • Michel Daw

    Ms. Simpson’s science tests were always so cool. She gave us our biology test at the zoo, making us identify the different plants and animals there. Our chemistry test was at recycling plant! The best was the astronomy test. We sat in the bleachers of the football field one night while she and a group of other teachers lit up collections of sparklers on the field below and had us identify the constellations they formed before they went out. To this day, I can still spot Cassiopeia, Orion and Draco at a glance. And her star is up there too.

  • Michel Daw

    I’m scared. The doc is running some science tests to figure out what’s wrong with me. His hands are cool against my forehead. I don’t understand what he is saying. He looked closely at something on my face. Even his breath feels cool. His eyes are neat. They look like golden sparklers frozen in glass. He looks away and then something beeps really loudly. He looks really worried now and people are rushing around the bed. His hands are on my chest but I don’t feel them. Mom and dad look scared, but I can’t reach them from up here.

  • Michel Daw

    The whole gang looked like a bunch of rejects from some science tests. The masks were really cool though, very realistic. Hallowe’en had evolved so much from my days of bedsheets with holes and lumber jacks with eye-liner five o’clock shadows. We carried pillowcases and cardboard props. These guys had sci-fi guns that flashed like sparklers when they pulled the triggers. I thought it was weird that they were still in those stupid costumes on November first. I chalked it up to ‘kids these days’ until people started disappearing. Now I am in a bunker, waiting out an alien invasion.

  • Mary Brannon

    Sitting on her bed with her books surrounding her, Sarah’s inner voice was yelling “NO MORE SCIENCE TESTS!” Frustrated, she shoved them onto the floor, almost hitting the dog. The sweet mutt lifted his big brown eyes as if to question “what did I do?” “Sorry Andy” Sarah sputtered before snagging her flip-flops and heading out the door into the cool night air. I need a little excitement, fireflies bobbed up and down around the azaleas giving her an idea – the left-over sparklers from the 4th of July party! “Who said teachers don’t know how to have fun?” she thought.