Top 10 Things Writers Do Wrong On Twitter

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by Katharine Grubb, 10 Minute Novelists  You’ve written a book! You’ve followed all the great advice! You’ve got your Facebook page and your blog set up and your Twitter account is up and running! You’re doing everything right, or at least you think you are.  The Facebook likes are trickling in, you get a few […]

August 29, 2016

Is Your Twitter Avatar Creepy?

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I will be the first to admit that I’m probably the wrong judge of what is creepy. I am a white, urban, college educated SAHM who is squeamish about mice in the house. So the very idea that I would set a high standard of cuddli-ness (which I’m thinkin’ is the most clarifying antonym out […]

August 17, 2015

Six Great Ways To Love Your Readers

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Admittedly, I’m new at this whole author gig. In the last two years , I’ve self-published a romantic comedy, signed a contract for a non-fiction book and started a Facebook group for 10 Minute Novelists. It’s only been in the last two year that I have readers! There are people who have read my book, liked it […]

February 16, 2015