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    Fantastic Fridays: Invite Yourself Back To Your Writing

    Whether you are facing a blank page, or trying to get back into the ‘zone’ you were working in last time, starting a new writing session can be a challenge. But getting your writing started doesn’t have to feel so hard. In fact, if you can develop a practice of inviting yourself back to your writing, you can make it easier and easier to get started. So, how do you invite yourself back? Check out the list below so you can begin to develop your own enticing invitation to get writing. Start at the end Obviously, you can’t jump ahead to the end of a session that hasn’t even started.…

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    Fantastic Fridays: Keep Trying

    It’s really important not to get discouraged by a single day’s writing (or lack thereof.) Even if the words are misbehaving and refusing to get on the page, you have to keep trying. And I don’t just mean ‘trying to write’, although that is obviously important, I mean trying in all sorts of ways. Try to focus on your process All writers need a reminder to focus on their process, not on the final product. This is especially true in the early stages of a project when thoughts of how it will turn out can seriously derail you. You don’t need to worry about where it will be published, whether…

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Gentle Reminders About Writing

    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Joyous Friday! Whatever you are celebrating (or not celebrating today) I hope this post finds you with some of your favourite comforts and, perhaps with a little time to write! As a little holiday gift, I offer you these five gentle reminders about your writing.  You can write whatever you want If you are writing for your own happiness, to work your way through something, or for the sheer joy of stringing words together, you can’t write whatever you please.  You don’t need to be writing something that someone else would see as useful. Your writing can be just for you. It’s okay to write something…

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Writerly Ways to Round Out 2020

    Planning to spend the next few weeks in holiday mode? In relaxation mode? Going full steam ahead?  No matter how you plan to spend the rest of 2020, it can be VERY good for your writing.  Here are 5 links to previous posts to help you see how your plans can foster your writing.  Taking a break? If your plans involve taking time away from your writing, don’t feel guilty about it!  Enjoy that time away. Let your writer-brain rest and let those ideas bubble.  If you find yourself feeling a bit weird or guilty about taking time off, choose a specific time to get back to the page. Sometimes…

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Scary Writing Monsters To Banish

    Even the most confident authors find themselves plagued by writing monsters and since it is so close to Halloween, I thought it was a good time to identify and then banish some of those creeps. Here are some of the most common monsters that try to scare us away from writing. It can be tricky to banish them but being aware of their monsterish nature is the first step to getting rid of them – or at least keeping them quiet for a while. When you learn to recognize them quickly, you will be able to silence them quickly, too. Redy to identify some writing monsters? Let’s go! Monster #1:…

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Ways to Speak More Kindly to Your Writer Self

    As writers, we spend a lot of time in our own heads, trying to coax words onto the page. Then, once the words get there, we spend a lot of time trying to reshape them to clarify our ideas. It’s a process filled with self-esteem peril. We end up criticizing ourselves for not working hard enough, not working often enough, not working in the right way, or not working on the right thing. Or, we get frustrated with the words we did produce, wondering why we can’t match the ideal we had in our heads.  There’s an awful lot of focus on what we did ‘wrong,’ or on what is…

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    When Darkness Keeps You From Writing

    My own core negative beliefs included: "My dreams aren't worth the trouble." "I'll probably never succeed, so why try?" "I'm not good enough." "I've failed before, so I'll probably fail again," and "shouldn't wifehood and motherhood be enough?"