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    Working On Multiple Projects

    Once you’ve finished your manuscript what do you do next? Becoming serious about writing leads to having multiple projects on the go in different stages of production at once. Maybe a new story you’re writing, one you’re editing, another that is with beta readers or editors, one you’re preparing to launch or get representation for, and one in the early idea stages. How do you organise yourself to keep momentum on all of those?  Well, there are two main ways of doing this: you either work on one project at a time, until that aspect of it is finished, and then switch to a different project, or you schedule your…

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    Hopeful Strategies For When You Don’t Have Time For Your Dream

    My dream is just out of reach. I realize this. But I also realize that each day that I do something toward it, it feels more real. Each time I give my dreams ten minutes, that big fluffy cloud of hope seems more like a reality. Every time I squeeze in a blog post there, or a few words there, that dream feels less like a mirage and more like something solid.

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    How 10 Minute Novelists Invest In Themselves

    I'm as frugal as the next person. In fact, I'm kind of a skinflint. I will come up with a million ways from Saturday to get out of spending money. Some of my ideas are practical, like shopping at thrift stores for growing kids but some are a little ridiculous, like how I decided that instead of going to a writers' conference, I'd just watch all the writing videos on YouTube. If I'm going to spend money, especially on my art, I'd like to know what will be worth the trouble.

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    Three Tricks I Use To Gain More Time To Write

    I’ve been writing in 10-minute increments since 2006. Over the last years, I’ve always been looking for ways to gain more 10 minute increments. It was hard enough to be a Stay-At-Home homeschooling mother of five in the first place, so I knew that if I wanted to write fiction too, I would have to maximize my strategies. Here are the first three tricks I used to train my family that gave me more time to write! 1. I delegated as much responsibility as I possibly could.  I noticed that my kids could handle regular responsibility at about age six. So I made sure that I gave them age-appropriate tasks…

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    How Marie Kondo Can Make You A More Productive Writer

    Back in 2008, when I first started setting my timer in 10-minute increments to write, I had five children who were 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. I discovered pretty quick that in order to maximize the writing 10 minutes, the other 10 minutes had to be maximized too. Every single area of my life that wasn’t writing, has a direct effect on what is writing. The more clutter, anxiety, and disorder in my home, the more I am emotionally sucked away from the things that are important to me.  Way, way back in 2002, right after baby #3 came, I discovered the Flylady. Through her gentle and logical steps,…