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    10 Ways To Fight Writer’s Block

    Writer's block is a frustrating and maddening wrestling match with your confidence and a treasure hunt for new words or new ideas. and putting only dull words on the paper. Writer's block can be blamed on our muse ignoring us, on our chest cold, on our own insecurities or on lies we've been told. Sometimes it's fear-based, energy-based, or we're just bored with our own ideas.

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    Top 10 Reasons To Go Outside

    I’ve been walking my whole life for exercise. I’ve noticed that if I’m troubled or upset that if I walk for at least 45 minutes, I feel noticeably better. What has troubled me isn’t gone, of course, but by the time I return I’m in a more confident state to face it.

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    Ten Ways To Be A Happy Writer

    You’ve come home from a tiring day job. You try to sit down at your laptop and write a few words before relaxing for the evening. But the words won’t flow. Or maybe you’re one of those lucky people who get to write full-time for a living. You sit in your home office day after day pounding out the words. Are you a happy writer? Is it possible to be one?

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    How Champion Free Writers Combat The Blank Page

    A free-write is also a brainstorm or stream of consciousness. It is the act of putting down a word -- any word -- and then another, another, and another. In a free write, you conquer the blank page by the simple act of just making it not blank. That effort can make a difference in your confidence and your momentum for the rest of your writing time.

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    10 Ways To Beat Procrastination

    The last Happy New Year balloon has been popped. You actually remember that it’s 2020 when you write the date. And you know it’s a new year when those new habits you wanted to pick up back on January 1 are as crumpled as the Happy New Year napkin that got kicked under the entertainment center. And maybe, the ugly truth of this is that you wanted to start that writing habit, but you put it off for some reason. Then the next day it was all the harder to begin. Then the next day, it’s less about starting habits than it is about shame-managing.  Let’s just stop it right…

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    100 Words at a Time: Getting That New Project Started

    By Christine Hennebury. Half the battle with writing is getting started. The blank page seems enormous. Your brain flashes a million ideas past you…or it goes blank. Every idea you do manage to hold on to seems trite or overdone. It’s not a fun feeling. Yet, you know you *want* to write. You would love to have a story or essay or novel written. What you need is something to grab onto, a handhold, a way to pull yourself forward just a little bit. You need 100 words.* Sure, 100 words is not a full story (unless you are writing a drabble!), it’s not even enough to describe an elaborate…

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    Writerly Warm-Ups – 5 fun ways to prepare to write your story

      by Christine Hennebury   Are you a SERIOUS writer? Are you maybe even a bit TOO serious?   Writing well requires discipline. We all know that, and we all try to practice that.   Well, more like, we are all hard on ourselves for not practicing that enough.   I feel like our desire to be dedicated writers who are doing things right gets in the way of our goals sometimes. I’d like to help you sidestep that instinct for a little while so you can remember what you like about writing.   After all, it’s a lot easier to keep coming back to a task you basically enjoy…