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    Nine Ways To Write An Emotionally Abusive Villain (Part One)

    Emotionally abusive villains are scarier than the Darth Vader types, in my humble opinion. They can play with a person's mind, trick them into thinking that they are safe, twist their reality and torture their soul. In real life and in real literature emotionally abusive villains have been responsible for all kinds of evil.

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    Take 5: Perfectly Mundane Ways to Start a Story

    by Christine Hennebury Okay, so you want to write a story but you have no idea idea how to get started. All you know is that you don’t want it to be boring. You want it to be brilliant and exciting and captivating.  Your story can be all of those things but only if you actually write it. And if you’re under self-induced pressure to be brilliant, it will be very hard to get started. If you can even bring yourself to start typing, you will be editing word by word as you go. All of your energy will be going into trying to be a genius wordsmith, instead of…

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    Why Story Structure is So Important

    One of my favorite writing books is Story by Robert McKee. I love it because it is a heady, thorough, and challenging explanation of exactly how to tell a story. While it’s designed mostly for screenwriters, I imagine every novelist would find value in it.

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    Take 5 Friday: Advice from Greek Mythology

    By Christine Hennebury (with contributions from Alex Drodge) This week’s Take 5 Friday is brought to you courtesy of storytelling, my love for ‘transferable skills,’ and my 18 year old’s course in Greek Mythology this past semester.  While the characters in Greek mythology are known for things that have little or nothing to do with writing, I’ve decided to ask a few mythological figures for some writing advice this week.  Artemis – Goddess of Wild Animals and the Hunt (and lots of other things) While there is little physical danger in the hunting of words, there is still the potential for peril. That is why you must choose your targets…

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    Take 5 Friday: 5 Ways That Focused TV Watching Can Help Your Writing

    by Christine Hennebury Spending a lot more time watching TV, Netflix, or YouTube these days? You aren’t alone.  A lot of us are entertaining and distracting ourselves with favourite shows, old and new, and taking comfort in knowing that the plotlines will be resolved, one way or another.  If you are watching TV and thoroughly enjoying yourself, then have at it.  However, if you are getting a little twitchy or feeling like you *should* be writing but you can’t quite stir yourself to open your work-in-progress, perhaps you can start by letting your favourite TV writers and actors inform your own writing. Here are 5 categories of observations to make…