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    Take 5: 5 Questions with Author Sandy R. Stuckless

    This month, we’re delighted to feature author Sandy R. Stuckless on our 5 Questions post. Sandy writes fantasy, sci-fic, and paranormal fiction as well as anything else his self-described ‘twisted mind’ leads him to write about. Sandy is a long time admin for the 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group and you can find out more about him on his website, his Facebook page, or by following him on Twitter. 1) Where and when do you write? Wherever I can, whenever I can. The mornings are when I have the most energy, but with a day job, family, and other commitments, sometimes I don’t get the opportunity to write until the…

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    Take 5: 5 Ways Writing Can Help You Calm Down

    by Christine Hennebury I know, I know. This is hard. Everything is uncertain and you are probably having trouble concentrating.  The way the news is changing from day to day is unsettling, it’s scary, and there is a lot that you could worry about.  However, if you aren’t too sick to write, I think it would be a good idea to try to get back to your writing. Even if you can’t manage a full ten minutes, a few minutes here and there will help you feel more like yourself. It will help you feel a little calmer, and a little more in control.  It might seem a little weird…

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    10 Signs You’re In A Bad Writing Group

    People can be such jerks. And that’s really unfortunate. If you are a writer and you need feedback on the things you’ve written, you can’t afford to have jerks sitting around a circle waving their collective red pens at you.

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    Take 5 Friday: 5+ Questions for Julie Duffy of StoryADay

    Christine’s Note: The last Take 5 Friday of every month will be a 5 question interview with a writer. I send 7 questions so they can choose their favourites. This week’s writer chose to answer all 7, just for fun, so today we have Take 5 (+2). Julie Duffy is a writer and the host of the StoryADay.org creative writing challenge.  Her website’s slogan is ‘Write today, not someday’ and her approach to encouraging writers fits in very nicely with our philosophy here at 10 Minute Novelists. Julie’s focus is mostly on short stories but, just like us, she wants writers to persist, to find ways to squeeze their writing…

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    The Necessity of a Tribe

    One of the biggest mistakes writers (actually ALL human beings make) is that they are not engaged in some sort of community. Left to ourselves, we are do not make good choices, we do not embrace discipline, and we do not meet our goals. Left to ourselves we often succumb to our fears.

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    10 Tips for Writing Reviews with Ease

    By Sherry Howard Before my first book was published, I never really understood how it felt to get your book reviewed. Luckily for me, a few writer friends, who understood how important reviews are, jumped in to review my newly-published book without being asked. Seeing those reviews was great, even the four-starred ones, but it made me realize that I hadn’t been great about giving reviews. And, it made me think about why people some people refuse to write reviews. In fact, a friend told me she didn’t have enough confidence to post her writing publicly, even to support me. I realized that people have the wrong idea about what…

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    10 Awesome Things You Get To Do If You’re A Member of 10 Minute Novelists

      In 2018, my Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists celebrated four years, 12,000+ members, and our first conference!  We are pretty proud of how far we’ve come! We’d love for you to join us! This is what you get if you’re a part of this dynamic group:         1. You get to meet over 12,000 amazing writers from all over the world. Many of these writers are new to writing. Many have a lot of time restraints like full-time jobs or small children. All of them have this desire: to be a great author despite the restrictions in their life. 2. You get practical tips on craft,…

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    Why You Need A Writers Community Like You Need Cake

    How do you know if you are a rich writer? If we are rich writers, we use words like Paula Deen uses butter and cream. We liberally pour out our ideas and our vision into our paragraphs and prose. Maybe we add in sweetness and flavor and texture who we are and what we care about in every book. We sculpt our words together like sugary icing roses along a cake and we present our final, finished projects as grand feasts for the world, allowing our readers to savor each morsel and each portion.  If we are rich writers, the solitary act of creating is a full and satisfying one.…

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    12 Reasons You Should Go To a Writers Conference

      One way to grow as a writer is to attend a writers conference! Now, I’m not a writers conference junkie, but I’d like to be. I know enough about them to understand that if you are in a climate controlled hotel ballroom, surrounded by writers from all over the world, with speakers and experts in front of you, then you’re in a great place to grow. Why? You need to meet other writers in person. In my limited conference experience, I’m always amazed at the diversity of the writers that I meet. They all aren’t bloggers like me. My writer friends don’t all have tendencies to publish quirky comedies…