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    Take 5 Friday: Five Questions To Ask Yourself

    Most of us have a good general idea of our plans and motivations. But we also have so many different things going on in our lives that it’s easy to forget to check in with ourselves about how things are going. Once we have created a system or a plan, we tend to keep trying to follow it until things go horribly wrong. However, even if things haven’t gone horribly wrong, the plan or system might still not be completely right. It might be causing us unnecessary frustration or stress just because it no longer matches our needs. If we take time to check in with ourselves and assess what…

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    Eleven Signs It’s Time To Share Your Work

    When we start writing, we're hesitant and flighty, nervous and fretful. We crave affirmation that we're on the right track, but we stop so often to share our work, we make little progress. Then it doesn't help that there are so many books/websites/blogs to read about how to be a great writer that it just makes us more insecure in who we are.

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    How To Leave A Kind Review

    Authors should be a shining example of leaving stellar reviews, be our opinions positive or negative. We know firsthand how much work writing, revising, editing, promoting, publishing, and marketing can be. Whatever our opinion, it can—and should—be handled with grace. Here are a few basic guidelines to ensure this happens.

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    12 Reasons You Should Go To a Writers’ Conference

    Now, I'm not a writers' conference junkie, but I'd like to be. I know enough about them to understand that if you are in a climate-controlled hotel ballroom, surrounded by writers from all over the world, with speakers and experts in front of you, then you're in a great place to grow.

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    Networking as a Newbie Author

    When you're starting out, it is easy to fall into the everyone-can-be-a-published-writer crowd. And yes anyone can throw something up on Amazon nowadays, but if you're serious about writing more than one book or making writing a career, then it is important to start with a professional mindset. Who do you want your book next to on the shelf? Anne Rice? Steven King? Francine Rivers?

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    Take 5: 5 Questions with Author Sandy R. Stuckless

    This month, we’re delighted to feature author Sandy R. Stuckless on our 5 Questions post. Sandy writes fantasy, sci-fic, and paranormal fiction as well as anything else his self-described ‘twisted mind’ leads him to write about. Sandy is a long time admin for the 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group and you can find out more about him on his website, his Facebook page, or by following him on Twitter. 1) Where and when do you write? Wherever I can, whenever I can. The mornings are when I have the most energy, but with a day job, family, and other commitments, sometimes I don’t get the opportunity to write until the…

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    Take 5: 5 Ways Writing Can Help You Calm Down

    by Christine Hennebury I know, I know. This is hard. Everything is uncertain and you are probably having trouble concentrating.  The way the news is changing from day to day is unsettling, it’s scary, and there is a lot that you could worry about.  However, if you aren’t too sick to write, I think it would be a good idea to try to get back to your writing. Even if you can’t manage a full ten minutes, a few minutes here and there will help you feel more like yourself. It will help you feel a little calmer, and a little more in control.  It might seem a little weird…

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    10 Signs You’re In A Bad Writing Group

    People can be such jerks. And that’s really unfortunate. If you are a writer and you need feedback on the things you’ve written, you can’t afford to have jerks sitting around a circle waving their collective red pens at you.

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    Take 5 Friday: 5+ Questions for Julie Duffy of StoryADay

    Christine’s Note: The last Take 5 Friday of every month will be a 5 question interview with a writer. I send 7 questions so they can choose their favourites. This week’s writer chose to answer all 7, just for fun, so today we have Take 5 (+2). Julie Duffy is a writer and the host of the StoryADay.org creative writing challenge.  Her website’s slogan is ‘Write today, not someday’ and her approach to encouraging writers fits in very nicely with our philosophy here at 10 Minute Novelists. Julie’s focus is mostly on short stories but, just like us, she wants writers to persist, to find ways to squeeze their writing…