Apples to Apples to Words: Weekly Writing Challenge

Since it’s the weekend, we want you to have a little fun with your writing* so we’re bringing back the Apples to Apples Challenge!

This is *not* a contest, we’re just playing with words today, but here are the rules:

  1. Incorporate the words in large text from the cards below into a short piece of writing – 250 words or less – and post it in the comments for us all to enjoy. 
  2. Please keep it family friendly! We want to show off your well-crafted work but we can’t keep it on our site if it goes against our family-friendly policy. You can explore dark topics but you have to handle them with finesse – minimum gore, no explicit content, and no foul language. If your usual work is loaded with that stuff, this will be a good way to explore how to write for a different audience.
  3. Be sure to read other people’s work and give them some encouragement.

*Spoiler: We ALWAYS want you to have fun with your writing. 

Three cards from the board game ‘Apples to Apples’, each featuring a cartoon apple in either red or green, sit on a wooden surface. The cards read ‘Hangnail’ ‘Awkward’ and ‘Telemarketers’ (one word per card) in large letters on the left side. At the base of each card is a comment on the term. The ‘Awkward’ card reads ‘We’ve fingered the cause of the pain.’ The ‘Awkward’ card reads ‘Awkward, clumsy, bumbling, uncoordinated.’ And Telemarketers reads ‘ No, thank you...No, I’m not interested...No, I have to go now...’
This should be interesting, hey?


  • Chantel Reese

    “Hello, may I speak to the woman of the house? My name is Rosaline, calling from Minuette’s Manicure Mansion, the only nail salon that treats your crusty nails like the upper crust. Open from 10-8 daily, 11-6 on Sunday. Se hablo Espanol.”
    “What exactly do you want?”
    “Oh! You’re still there! Most of the time, people have hung up by now. Folks have no patience for telemarketers, am I right?”
    “And you’re calling for what, exactly?”
    “Well, my lady…”
    “I’m not your lady.”
    “Well, my… random woman on the phone, have you ever dealt with the painful horror that had plagued women since the dawn of nail polish, the hangnail?”
    “Excuse me, did you say ‘the dawn of nail polish’?”
    “Yes. Please don’t interrupt. We here at MMM have the solution to this widespread epidemic.”
    “An epidemic. Of hangnails. Whatever should I do.”
    “All new clients receive the private manicure kit, to cure those dreaded hangnails!”
    “And what comes in the kit?”
    “Um… this is awkward…an Emory board and a toenail clipper…”
    “Annd how much is a manicure?”
    “An affordable $45.”
    “You want me to pay $45 for a manicure to get a set of nail tools I can get from the dollar store?”
    “It’s an affordable splurge.”
    “You keep saying affordable. I dont think you know what that word means.”
    “So, can I sign you… oh. She hung up.”
    “Only 5 more hours to go. Hello, may I speak to the woman of the house?”

    • Christine Hennebury

      Nice work, Chantel! I like the twist. 🙂 Sorry it took so long to approve this, I clicked the wrong tab when I first saw your comment and it was still awaiting approval.