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Apples to Apples to Words: Weekly Writing Challenge

Since it’s the weekend, we want you to have a little fun with your writing* so we’re bringing back the Apples to Apples Challenge! 

This is *not* a contest, we’re just playing with words today, but here are the rules: 

  1. Incorporate the words in large text from the cards below into a short piece of writing – 250 words or less – and post it in the comments for us all to enjoy. 
  2. Please keep it family friendly! We want to show off your well-crafted work but we can’t keep it on our site if it goes against our family-friendly policy. You can explore dark topics but you have to handle them with finesse – minimum gore, no explicit content, and no foul language. If your usual work is loaded with that stuff, this will be a good way to explore how to write for a different audience.
  3. Be sure to read other people’s work and give them some encouragement.

*Actually, we hope you can always have fun with your writing!

Three cards from the board game ‘Apples to Apples’, each featuring a cartoon apple in either red or green, sit on a wooden surface.  

The cards read 'King Arthur - Legendary British king best known for Camelot and round tables.’ ‘Sensitive - susceptible, sympathetic, tender.’ ‘Corn on the Cob - A grain native to the Americas, corn was a staple food for many centuries before corn holders were invented.’
King Arthur, Sensitive, Corn on the Cob…How sensitive are the Knights of the Round Table to their corn needs?