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Apples to Apples to Words: Weekly Writing Challenge

Since it’s the weekend, we want you to have a little fun with your writing* so we’re bringing back the Apples to Apples Challenge!

This is *not* a contest, we’re just playing with words today, but here are the rules:

  1. Incorporate the words in large text from the cards below into a short piece of writing – 250 words or less – and post it in the comments for us all to enjoy. 
  2. Please keep it family friendly! We want to show off your well-crafted work but we can’t keep it on our site if it goes against our family-friendly policy. You can explore dark topics but you have to handle them with finesse – minimum gore, no explicit content, and no foul language. If your usual work is loaded with that stuff, this will be a good way to explore how to write for a different audience.
  3. Be sure to read other people’s work and give them some encouragement.

*Actually, we hope you can always have fun with your writing!

Three cards from the board game ‘Apples to Apples’, each featuring a cartoon apple in either red or green, sit on a wooden surface.  

The cards read 'Fuzz - Lint, Policemen, Whatever.' 
 'Spooky - scary, weird, ghostly.'  'Brain Surgeons - Hey, it ain't brain surgery...oh...wait a second...'
Fuzz, Spooky, Brain Surgeons – this doesn’t end well.


  • Maria Mojica

    I’m not scared at all I thought as I was wheeled to the operation room. It was lined with all the equipment necessary for the brain surgeons to remove the tumor from my head. I wiped a piece of fuzz that had fallen from the ceiling onto me. Then I thought this could have fallen inside my brain and shiver. Hospitals were spooky.

  • Heather B

    “…I’m not saying it was Divine Intervention or anything, but man, it sure was spooky.” Delilah overheard from the group near her. Looking down at her nondescript gray hoodie, she pretended to pick at fuzz as she listened more closely.

    She loved making a game of overhearing the secrets shared when people thought no one else was listening. People really had no idea of how much they reveal out in public. Self awareness was becoming a lost art form. She had to thank social media for making people think that the tiny bubble of air around them constituted as private space. All she had to do was put in a set of earbuds and pretend to read a magazine and she knew intimate details in a matter of seconds.

    Blackmail was such an ugly word for what she considered a helpful education. Don’t want your wife to find out about your dalliance with the nanny? Don’t talk about it on the train next time. Want to keep your job? Maybe don’t brag about skimming money off the top at happy hour. You shouldn’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that. Quality education was costly and she considered herself a valuable service.

    The train lurched and threw her into the man in need of her skill set. She gasped and sputtered her apology while simultaneously pocketing his wallet into her pocket. He didn’t even notice. She would bill him for that later.