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The Apples To Apples Drabble! 

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This week’s cards!


Apples to Apples Drabble for March 2017

Katharine Grubb is an author, poet, homeschooling mother, camping enthusiast, bread-baker, and believer in working in small increments of time. She leads 10 Minute Novelists, an international Facebook group of time-crunched writers. She lives with her family in Massachusetts.


  • Jeffrey H. Toney

    Our twins have been fierce competitors ever since they wrestled over who got the crib closest to the bedroom door. Graduating from side by side cribs to bunk beds escalated their epic rivalry, indignant cries in the middle of the night as bottom bunk bed Henry filed his complaints against his top dweller brother for leaking on him. It was not water. Henry’s incessant lobbying for the coveted top spot was matched only by his brother’s rapid-fire insults – “Idyit! Stoopid! Dumb dum!” “Goodnight Moon” ritual readings soothed me, as I drifted off in the bottom bunk, blessed, happy and whole.

  • Debolina Coomar

    “Get on top of the bunk beds.”, the mother screamed as Jake and Julie struggled hard to keep their feet off the water. They hurriedly climbed to reach the top, to save themselves from the shark hovering around.
    Soon, shinny-teethed creature charged head-on.
    They screamed, and the mother popped one more spoon of porridge in their mouth. Dad took off the shark mask and everyone was laughing. But, someone was crying too. It was just a dumb game for others, but for the family, it was one of those final moments to cherish, before they lose their children to cancer.

  • Tanya Johnson

    Bunkbeds are a big deal when you’re a kid, an indication of power. Because Emily was older, her little sister, Sarah, was her slave. Sarah insisted it was dumb but it didn’t matter. “Those are the rules!” Emily always said.

    Emily waited for Sarah to return. She hummed and stared out the window, kicking her legs over the top bunk. *Her* bunk. The Big Sister, Emily was The Boss.

    Sarah came back with the water and Emily drank it before tossing the empty cup at Sarah.

    Sarah smiled as she waited for Emily’s words to slur, her heart to stop.

      • Tanya Johnson

        Thank you – I don’t write nearly enough and suffer debilitating Imposter Syndrome so knowing someone appreciates something that I’ve written means more than I can tell you.

  • Tina Cattane

    As soon as the fire was big enough she quickly undressed, fumbling with frozen fingers. When she stood naked in the snow she pulled her sled close to the fire and climbed into the sled bag leaving it open on the fire side. Spasms shook her entire body. Stepping out onto that ice without testing it first had been a really dumb mistake. The water beneath it could kill quickly in this cold. Her dog Chugiak whined softly, then climbed into the sled bag on top of her.
    “Well it’s not like they make sleds with bunk beds!” laughed Angelica

  • Joanna Barker

    “This is dumb.”

    Alice was right, of course. But I couldn’t back down now.

    The group of girls watched us, giggling and whispering.

    I addressed their ringleader, a blonde with too much eyeliner. The moonlight made her look like a raccoon.

    “I make it across, and you leave us alone. That’s the deal.”

    She smirked. “If you make it across.”

    I ignored Alice’s pleading look, climbing the massive log. The tree spanned the width of the river, white water rushing beneath.

    I hesitated, longing for my bunk bed back at the cabin. Then I stepped forward.

    I hated summer camp.

  • Jamie Hershberger

    Despite dozens of intimate conversations over after hours cocktails, Bob had never made a pass at Joan. She’d practically given up on him when he’d invited her to the cabin.
    “Just the two of us,” he’d said.
    She arrived as the sun started its ritual descent toward the shimmering water.
    “Come on,” he said, “I’ll show you to our room”.
    Our room.
    She followed, wanting to respond, but had gone dumb, considering the implications of his words.
    He flung a door open, walking over to one of two sets of bunk beds.
    “Do you want the top or the bottom?”

  • Carol Conlogue

    The poor wife could not stand another night of his snoring. “Dear, I’m sick of hearing you snore! Go to town and buy bunk beds so we can put them in two separate rooms.” At the store Zeb couldn’t remember what she said. Alas, he remembered! The wife yelled, “You dumb bell, I said bunk beds not water beds! Hearing you snore is like being in prison. And you know what happens in prisons? She lowered her eyelids,” OK, from now on, we will be living as cell mates, not soul mates!”

  • Raquel Evans

    Pressed metal planks, instructions screen against the bulkhead, laser tool in hand…

    “Bunkbeds are dumb,” Kevin said.

    “Don’t say dumb, Kevin. Finish your snack. And don’t wake Lila!”

    Lila shrieked. I found her in a puddle, tears streaming. Her diaper was dry; a pipe was dripping water everywhere.

    *Proximity Alert*

    My heart raced, but our cloaking shields were up.

    Fix pipe. Avoid assassins. Fix supper. Finish bunkbeds before kid’s bedtimes.

    Kevin popped in. “Bunkbeds are cool now. Can I help build them?”

    “After you wash the peanut butter off your face.”

    Who ever said a space nanny’s life wasn’t glamorous?

  • Lisa Petersen

    I’ve been reading the weirdest stories about excessive rain throughout my state, with levees rupturing and overflowing eddies being blocked, threatening nearby towns with 200-foot walls of water.

    One of the strangest stories I’ve read was where most of the streets were on a grade, and accompanying videos actually showed trash cans and cars rolling down the hills!.

    One dumb family who lived in that neighborhood woke up to a horrific noise – both their doors were open, and all their furniture was floating down the hill, including the bunk beds that their two boys were still asleep in!

      • Lisa Petersen

        Thank you! Although most of it is true, the part about the bunk beds isn’t – I based that on a true story of my great grandmother’s harpsichord floating down a flooded Montpelier VT street some hundred years ago…

  • Pam Humphrey

    “Think it’ll work?” Pete strapped the legs of the bunk beds together.
    “Course it’ll work.” Landon draped the large piece of sheet plastic between the beds, taping it to the top of each rail. “I’m done. Turn on the hose.”
    They laid on the top beds watching the makeshift pool as it filled. As the water neared the top rail, Pete asked, “Dumb question. How do we drain it when we’re done?”
    Landon wrinkled his nose. “Not sure. Hadn’t thought about that.”
    Pete jumped in. “You gettin’ in?”
    “Nah. Room check’s in five minutes. I’m going back to my cabin.”

  • Pam Humphrey

    Paul kept still under the bunk beds, hoping the girls didn’t turn on the overhead light. In the dim light, he wouldn’t be noticed.
    LuAnn sat on the floor caressing her legs with lotion. Suzy stood at the sink, the water drowning out her conversation.
    “Paul?” LuAnn giggled. “He’s dumb.”
    “He left during the game.”
    “I guess. He didn’t even say goodbye.”
    The girls switched off the lamp and slipped into bed.
    “Night, LuAnn.”
    The room grew quiet.
    Paul waited until soft snores emanated from both beds. Now was his chance. He tiptoed to the light switch. “I win!”

  • Kris Baker Dersch

    Summer camp was the moms’ idea.

    I’ve got these outdoorsy moms who met while working at Girl Scout camp. Dumb, right? They’re not even interesting lesbians.

    I doubt they’d approve of this horror movie place. The guy who carries our luggage to our “cabin” does not look old enough to have this job. And the “cabin” is definitely not up to fire code.

    I stare at the wall of bunk beds. Water drips from the ceiling and hits three beds at once. The mean girls next to me plot my death.

    Is it too early for my phone call home?

    • Jeffrey H. Toney

      Well written! Those “cabins” are surely too remote for cell phone service, and any land lines are likely to have been cut by giggling, drunken campers on a prank.

  • Pam Humphrey

    Marissa giggled with anticipation.
    “Surprise,” Ben said. The blindfold fell away.
    She scanned the sparsely furnished room. “Bunk beds?” The water works started, and she ran back to the car. The rustic hideaway was not her idea of romantic.
    He caught up to her. “I’m sorry. Coming here was a dumb idea.”
    “I expected a bed we’d share and a fireplace, maybe a rug.”
    “This was my favorite place as a kid.” He wiped tears off her cheeks. “I wanted to share it with you.”
    She slipped her arms inside his coat. “I think we should share the bottom bunk.”

  • Shannyn Jordan

    The contorted steel bunk bed was improvement from the concrete, aside from the putrid reddish stain.
    Lubyanka-the place spies went to die.
    She’d put him here.
    Adir rested his head on the mattress. He’d sell his soul for water, but he’d already done that. His mission was to turn her, not fall in love with her.
    The mattress creaked with every frustrated impact of his head. Love. If Adler found out his stupidity …not that it would matter in a few days.
    “You look thirsty.”
    When had she?
    Adir smirked. “Do you think I’m dumb enough to trust you twice?”

  • Shannyn Jordan

    Elijah flopped face first onto the thin mattress. His boots, filled with mud and blood, hung off the end like weights.
    “Bunk beds in the living room?”
    The sheets stuck to his lips. “It’s a safe house. Decorating is optional.”
    Teagan stumbled past him. “Is food optional too?”
    “There’s hot water. I’m taking a bath.”
    “You do that.” He muttered to himself. “And I will try not to picture you doing it.” He’d blown his chances with her already.
    She tugged at his boots. “I’m not dumb, Eli. I know you’re injured. Roll over, let me look.”
    He surrendered.

  • Shannyn Jordan

    Isolation hadn’t made her dumb. Sarah could read the dissapointment in his gunmetal blue eyes. The cabin with bunk beds was not what he’d had in mind.
    Ardon trotted up to them still trying to find his sea legs. The old war dog handled it harder this time. His joints just weren’t meant for life on the water.
    “I’m sorry, my love. I know you were hoping …”
    Simon walked her against the bulkhead and dipped his lips to hers. “If it means I can be near you, it’s perfect.”
    Waves rocked the boat to the rhythm of their kisses.

  • Jackie Dana

    Crawling through the desert of Gamma-Thakeron made Emily thirsty. Just a little further…

    Whump. She fell, hard, onto her shoulder.


    “Shut up, Em. Go back to sleep.”

    “But I fell.”

    “You’re being dumb.”

    “What’s all the noise in here about?” It was Mama.

    “Emily says she fell out of bed.”

    “I just wanted some water.”

    “I knew a bunk bed was a bad idea.”

    “I’m big enough now!”

    Fred snickered. “Not if you fall out all the time.”

    “Come on, Emily, let’s get you a drink, and you can stay up to watch us pass through the asteroid belt.”

  • Victor

    Peace. That’s what it is. You know what I mean. When you close your eyes because you want to. Sometimes you just need to; this is one of those times. The welcome dream. But it isn’t a dream; a memory. Heart racing. Water rising around. Sinking. Robbing my last breath.
    Resigning myself.
    Until a hand pulls me back. The action so powerful it pulls me to reality. I sit up fast hitting my head on my daughter’s bunk bed. “Ah, that was dumb,” holding my head. I see that same hand clinging to my hand. “Welcome back.” My husband says.

  • TLC Nielsen

    We walked through the beach, hands entwined – a difficult task when ankle deep in sand. I steered my love toward the water, the cool waves splashing our legs.

    He stopped, pulling me close. “Not such a dumb idea after all.”

    I stood on my tiptoes and gave him my answer, lip to lip. We meandered back to the car to retrieve our luggage. I unlocked the bungalow and entered, dropping the suitcase behind me. I laughed until I couldn’t breathe. I pointed to the other side of the room as he entered and looked at me in concern. “Bunkbeds?”