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7 Gift Ideas for Writers

by Joanna Maciejewska

Do you struggle with gift ideas for writers in your life?

Years ago, shortly after I met my significant other, we talked about gifts and how hard it was sometimes to pick a perfect gift for a friend or a family member. He said then, “Getting one for you would be easy. You like reading, so I could just walk into a bookstore and get you some book.” I froze in horror. Of course, I liked reading, but I was also very picky about my reads. “Any book” just wouldn’t do it.

It’s similar when it comes to gifts for writers. Writing software? What if they already have it or prefer another one? A book on writing craft? They probably have a dozen or so of them. The safest bet seems to be a gift card to a bookstore or a stationery store where they can pick their own tools and crafts books.

7 Gift Ideas for Writers

What if you want to be more personal? What if you want to show your writer friend that you care about them? And what if you’re like me and you want to get a gift for yourself? (Because no one knows you better than you do, right?)

Here are some personalized gift ideas for writers.


Writers drink a lot. Whether it’s tea, coffee, or water, they need to drink it from somewhere, and having a mug that no one else at home is allowed to touch might make their passion for writing a little bit more special.

Romance mug, Mystery Writers mug, and Guilt Trip mug.

Phone cases and skins

Many writers create their stories in coffee shops, so they don’t really need a mug. Gifting them a phone case or skin will make them feel like a writer even when they aren’t sitting at their desk, surrounded by their books and motivational posters. It would also be a reason for them to keep their phone’s screen down, so you’d be saving them from the social media distractions!

Writer’s creative process, Love Writing (sometimes), and Write/Edit/Repeat phone cases and skins.

Stickers and Buttons

What if your writer friend already has their favorite mug or doesn’t use a smartphone? A collection of dedicated stickers and buttons can be a solution: it would help them to customize their favorite items (Notebooks? Pencil case? Laptop bag?) and add just a little bit of the writerly edge without being too obvious.

Buttons: Writing makes everything better!, We find a way or we find excuses, Book Wyrm.

Stickers: I’m a Writer for Life, Warning! Ideas are brewing, 10 Minute Novelists.


Nothing says “writer” like a special t-shirt that can be both worn proudly in public or be the sit-at-the-desk-writing uniform.

Be Quiet! t-shirt, Write/Edit/Repeat v-neck, I’m a Writer for Life tank top.


Even if they do most of their writing on their laptops or iPads, writers still use a ton of notebooks and will likely welcome any number of new ones. Because a new notebook means new ideas, new projects, and a lot more words written down.

Notebooks: Writer’s creative process, Warning! Ideas are brewing, Write/Edit/Repeat.

A conference!

Conferences are one of the ways the writers grow. They get to listen to great speakers talking about writing craft and publishing industry. They also get to meet like-minded people who share their passion, and they find encouragement to keep working.

There are many conferences available throughout the year, but the one I’m going to mention is special. It’s the 10 Minute Novelists’ very own conference, prepared “by writers for writers”. It has three great speakers, and – what’s most important – it’s the first one ever which makes it extra special.

If you think that it would be a good gift for a writer you know or even for yourself, you can learn all the details here.

Any other gift ideas for writers?

These are just a few gifts ideas for writers, and there’s so much more to explore. If your writer friend likes bullet journals or planners, stickers could accompany a plain planner in a DYI customization. A tote bag could be perfect for all those book fairs when one has to carry away the newly acquired books (all were “the must-buy” cases!).

What would be your ideas? And if you’re a writer yourself, what would you like to receive?

All the items were taken from 10 Minute Outfitters and JMM Designs online shops. You can browse them for more items and designs, and take advantage of Black Friday offers.

Joanna MaciejewskaJoanna Maciejewska is a fantasy and science-fiction writer who was born in Poland, spent a little under a decade in Ireland, and now resides in Arizona. She had stories published in Polish magazines (“Nowa Fantastyka”, “Science-Fiction Fantasy i Horror”) and anthologies (Fabryka Słów, Replika, Solaris), and she also writes in English (“Fiction Vortex”, “Phantaxis”). You can find out more about her and her stories at or follow her on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


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