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5k Walk/Run/Write

Zero. That’s the number of words I’ve written so far this week. With a hard deadline approaching, I can’t afford to not be writing, but life and work have kept me busy. It happens, but I don’t despair because I know what I’m capable if I sit down and do it.

The Power of a 5k Event

Four years ago, I took part in the very first 5k Run/Walk/Write event along with about a hundred other 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group. I got up at 8AM and wrote, taking ten minute breaks at the end of each hour to get up and move, check in with the group, and take care of necessities like eating. By 3PM, I had over 7,000 words and thanks to my step counter over 5,000 steps which equates to about 3.8km. After dinner, I went for a walk around the block to finish my 5km goal. Despite a full day, I felt invigorated not exhausted because I’d risen to the challenge.

What could you accomplish if you dedicated a full day to writing?

Maybe you identify with wanting to be a writer, but feeling that 50k or 80k book is never going to materialize because finding time to write feels impossible. What if twice a year, you gave yourself 24 hours to prove to yourself and your friends and family you have it in you to do great things? What if you added in the challenge of self-care through getting up and moving which is both good for your body and your brain’s creativity?

Expect Great Things

The 5k Run/Walk/Write challenge is our way of helping writers prove to themselves, they have it in them to live a healthy life and pursue their dreams.

This year our online event starts April 24th (for our Australian friends who are a day ahead of us). You have from midnight Friday to midnight Monday to write the 5k words and walk/run 5km (about 3.1 miles). That’s about an hour at the average walking speed for most folks. 15-20 minutes for most runners.

Why the physical challenge?

Because authors are notorious for spending too much time in the chair. Getting in those daily step is not only healthy, but it also boosts brain power and creativity. Got a disability? Don’t worry. Do what is right for you. Perhaps bike the 5k, or do 5000 steps. Set a goal that is challenging but won’t cause injury. The goal is to get moving at whatever ability you have.

An amazing NEW opportunity

This year, we’re partnering with Fledgling Writing Community, a Dallas area writer’s support group, to host our first ever LIVE event. We’ve secured a location in Arlington, Texas where writers can come and do this together. From 9:30-2:30, we’ll be supporting writers and keeping them focused and motivated.

We’ve scheduled two 30-minute outdoor walks on the trails around the rec center to get in our 5k. The rest of our time will be dedicated to writing with snacks, coffee, and drinks available to keep you fueled. We’ll break it up into bite-size chunks and set the timer to stay motivated.

But that’s not all..

During lunch, 10 Minute Novelist founder, Katharine Grubb, will be speaking. Yes, she’s flying in from Boston just to participate in this memory-making event. We’ll also have our Wall of Words where you can color in a section for every 500 words you’ve written, and receive stickers and certificates for participation.

Whether you do the online or live event, we’re all on the honor system. No one will check your work or watch you walk/run. All you need to do is secure your spot (online click going to event/live buy your ticket) and dedicate 24 hours and complete both 5k’s.

If you think you’ll struggle start at noon on Friday/Saturday and finish noon on Saturday/Sunday. That gives you a full night’s sleep in between. The point is to prove to yourself with the right commitment, you can do big things. And doing it as a group is always more fun!

Have you ever participated in a 5k event? Share your experience in the comments below.

Author Jessica White

Jessica White is a prayer warrior who loves to encourage and teach others how to create safe spaces for the hurting and lost. In 2014, she graduated from Western Governor’s University with a B.A. in Educational Studies and published her first book, Surviving the Stillness. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and an admin and contributor for 10 Minute Novelists. She created and manages their annual 365 Writing Challenge, which encourages writers to develop the habit of writing daily.