5 Links: Show Some Character

We’ve got lots of great advice here at 10 Minute Novelists but we also recommend reading widely so you can learn as much as you can about the craft of writing.

Once a month, we’ll be sharing links to 5 posts on other sites that can expand and enhance your understanding of some aspect of your writing practice.

Please note that these recommendations will only be for whatever is directly linked, there is no implied recommendation for products that may be sold on these sites.

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Here are 5 interesting posts that Christine found about developing your characters.

  1. 33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters – Kristen Kieffer’s post (and podcast) on Well Storied presents you with a list of prompts, ideas, and questions to use to get to know your characters and make them as ‘real’ as possible.
  2. Describe a Character – Julie Duffy’s prompt in this Story a Day post invites you to begin by considering how your character walks.
  3. When Your Characters Have Minds of Their Own – Jo Eberhardt brings her gaming experience into play in this great post on Writer Unboxed about considering how to balance your storyline and your characters.
  4. Character Development: How to Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget – This Reedsy post takes you through an extensive process that will help you consider all kinds of aspects of character development.
  5. History versus Destiny: On Giving Characters Agency in NarrativeLANGUAGE WARNING – Chuck Wendig is well-known for his creative phrasing and his liberal use of non-family-friendly words so decide for yourself whether to follow this link.   Chuck Wendig also uses roleplaying games to illustrate his points about how to ensure that your characters are fully realized and that your story is well-crafted.