365 Writing Challenge

The 365 Writing Challenge is a subgroup of 10 Minute Novelists.

What is 365 Writing Challenge?  It’s an organized group of writers who encourages and supports each other as they try to write consistently for a calendar year.

In 2018, 275 people signed up for the challenge. We wrote over 30 million words. This group is making a difference in the lives of writers. And you are welcome to join!

I’ve written 365K words each year for two years and this is what I’ve noticed about my writing:

I am mentally stronger.
I am completely free of my self editor.
I compose ridiculously fast.
I have a stash now of nearly a million words that I can use as raw materials for future pieces.
I’m less intimidated by new scenes or new topics or new ideas. (New genres too!)
My vision for my career is clearer because I’ve played around with different ideas and know what I don’t like.
I’m organized (because I have to find what I wrote)
I’m more productive in other areas of my life because I’ve made writing a priority.
I feel less and less like an amateur or a poser. I feel more and more like a real writer who takes their craft seriously.

I’m not telling you all of this to pat myself on the back. I’m telling you this because I am TOTALLY SOLD on the discipline that comes with a daily writing habit. I KNOW that it revolutionized my writing. There has been NO NEGATIVES to this.

If you haven’t already, to think about how you are going to grow as a writer in 2016. Besides all the other wonderful resources this group can offer you, I really want to point your attention to 365 Writing Challenge.
How To Join:

Visit our website 365writingchallenge.com for more details. The challenge is only for members of our 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group. Make sure you join!