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    Take 5 Friday: 5 Ways to Ease Distraction So You Can Write

    By Christine Hennebury I was going to call this piece ‘5 Ways to Fight Distraction’ but I don’t think we need any more battle metaphors at this point.  So many of us are stressed, distressed, and anxious that we probably aren’t up to fighting- not even metaphorically.  Instead, I would like to help you to find ways to EASE your distraction, to give yourself a break from the mental hop from thought to thought, and to choose something to focus on, even for a few minutes.  1. Lower your expectations If you are distracted and having trouble focusing, it’s probably not the time to try to produce a masterpiece. This…

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    Ten Ways To Be A Happy Writer

    You’ve come home from a tiring day job. You try to sit down at your laptop and write a few words before relaxing for the evening. But the words won’t flow. Or maybe you’re one of those lucky people who get to write full-time for a living. You sit in your home office day after day pounding out the words. Are you a happy writer? Is it possible to be one?

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    How Running Makes Me A Better Writer

    However, over the years I've been running and writing regularly, I've learned that there are things about running that I experience which resonate with the writer in me, and it's these things I want to share with you today.

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    Seven Ways To Be More Creative

    Have you ever had a moment when all your ideas come together in a magical way? Have you ever seen something that no one else saw? Have you solved a problem in a unique way?  I love it when that happens, and I bet you do too! Wouldn’t it be great if we could be more creative in our writing?  But it’s awfully hard to be that way.  Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help you be more creative. 1. Get your mind off your task. I am a mother of five, so I know all about distractions. It turns out that having my kids come into my…

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    Effective Ways I Deal With My Evil Inner Critic

    For many years, my inner critic was successful, producing severe anxiety in me and made me feel worthless. For decades I was in complete bondage to this stupid, foolish, bumbling henchman. But I’m happy to report, these attacks by that evil, negative voice hasn’t bothered me in years. This is why:

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    Creating Habit Hop-Ons

    Recently I pulled a muscle in my knee that was serious enough that I required physical therapy for a few weeks. At the first visit, my therapist gave me a list of stretching exercises that would help my knee, thigh, and other leg muscles get stronger. I was to do them twice a day, every day, indefinitely.  It is not fun to be given a new list of things to do, but I really wanted my knee to feel better. I had no choice. I had to find a way to incorporate these exercises into my daily routine so that I wouldn’t leave them to the end of the day. …

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    What To Do With Too Much Writing Advice

    Generally speaking, writers are isolated introverts, hiding from the real world, wrapping themselves up in their imaginary lands, fighting dragons, discovering treasure and falling in love. It’s a lonely place. It could be that they withdraw from the real world as an act of personal survival.

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    Take 5: 5 Ways Writing Can Help You Calm Down

    by Christine Hennebury I know, I know. This is hard. Everything is uncertain and you are probably having trouble concentrating.  The way the news is changing from day to day is unsettling, it’s scary, and there is a lot that you could worry about.  However, if you aren’t too sick to write, I think it would be a good idea to try to get back to your writing. Even if you can’t manage a full ten minutes, a few minutes here and there will help you feel more like yourself. It will help you feel a little calmer, and a little more in control.  It might seem a little weird…

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    How Champion Free Writers Combat The Blank Page

    A free-write is also a brainstorm or stream of consciousness. It is the act of putting down a word -- any word -- and then another, another, and another. In a free write, you conquer the blank page by the simple act of just making it not blank. That effort can make a difference in your confidence and your momentum for the rest of your writing time.

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    Does Luck Have Anything To Do With Writing Success?

    How much does luck really play in our writing careers? I can say that I have had my share of luck. But in the same breath, I can say that I've worked my butt off and that all the good that happened to me came because of my own work. And I'm one of those creatures who believes that my Maker could have something to do with it too.