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    Take 5 Friday: Make the most of ‘gifted’ time

    by Christine Hennebury As a 10 Minute Novelist, you know that choosing to carve out small sections of your day to put pen to paper is a great way to keep writing.  Those chosen writing sessions are terrific, but are you ready for when you receive the gift of unscheduled time? Maybe… You’re picking your kid up from rehearsal and they run a little overtime.  You get to your next meeting a few minutes early.  Your friend has to cancel your coffee date. Any of those situations could present you with some unexpected time and you might want to spend those gifted minutes with your writing.* If you only have…

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    Five Self-Lies That Guarantee Failure

    I spent decades of my life saying negative things to myself. As a result, I was unhappy and unsuccessful in nearly everything I did. It wasn’t until I recognized what I was doing, started seeing a therapist, and made the conscious effort to speak to myself with kindness, that things changed for me.

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    Top 10 Reasons To “See” Yourself As A 10 Minute Novelist

    I know that when I started calling myself “the 10-minute novelist” everything changed for me. Because I saw myself doing the little bit that I could on a consistent basis, I knew that I could handle the demands of both my life and my dream. The more tightly I clung to that identity, the easier it was to set the timer and work as I could. It didn’t take long before I had created productive habits in my life, actually finished projects and had this cool brand that served me well.

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    Branded: Three Must-Haves For Effective Branding

    By: Rennie St. James Are you branded? Have you seen (or posted) the example of people happily paying $5 for coffee before tipping, but then complaining that a book costs $0.99?? I’ve shared that example myself and have been annoyed by it. Only recently have I discovered a new understanding of it, and that is what I want to share here. Those people aren’t just buying a cup of coffee. They are buying a brand. In the case of Starbucks, one that has been around since 1971. Those people have bought countless coffees that met or exceeded their needs and that’s what they are paying for – that guaranteed success…

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    An Argument For Doing Your Best

    I’d definitely want to be considered a genius, so if, according to McKee, I would be taken more seriously if I worked hard on my craft and was far more careful with the quality of my writing.

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    Take 5 Friday: Yoga Wisdom for Writers

    I’m a big fan of taking lessons from one area of my life and importing them into another. As a result, I’ve gleaned excellent writing advice from taekwondo, storytelling, and now, yoga. Since January 1, I’ve been doing a daily yoga practice via YouTube with Yoga with Adriene and it has been great. Not only have I gotten stronger and more flexible, I have found all sorts of advice that applies to both yoga and writing. Here are 5 of my favourites and what they mean to me (you may get something different out of them and that’s totally cool): Meet yourself where you are Yoga teachers are fond of…

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    Why Originality Is A False Goal

    The truth is that none of us will ever be truly original. Every story has hints, allusions, patterns, and structures that are echoes of every story ever written. How would we even know what “the hero’s journey” as if it wasn’t repeated by generations of storytellers?

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    Marketing Woes of a New Author

    I thought I would ride that high right up until I wrote, “The End” on the next novel. And, I am. However, I can no longer just settle in each night and write. Instead, I typically find myself doing something else, a third job, if you will.