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    Nine Ways To Write An Emotionally Abusive Villain (Part One)

    Emotionally abusive villains are scarier than the Darth Vader types, in my humble opinion. They can play with a person's mind, trick them into thinking that they are safe, twist their reality and torture their soul. In real life and in real literature emotionally abusive villains have been responsible for all kinds of evil.

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    Eight Tips To Help You Get Attention On Twitter

    Twitter isn't a great way to communicate. It's chaotic, disorganized and discouraging. Yet, authors often hear stories of how books are sold, tribes have increased, and deals are made. Somehow Twitter works for those who know how to work it. But if all you do on Twitter is shout into the crowd with no plan, no target and no order, you'll probably come away disappointed. Perhaps we should think of Twitter as a cocktail party instead.

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    Take 5: 5 Questions with Author Sandy R. Stuckless

    This month, we’re delighted to feature author Sandy R. Stuckless on our 5 Questions post. Sandy writes fantasy, sci-fic, and paranormal fiction as well as anything else his self-described ‘twisted mind’ leads him to write about. Sandy is a long time admin for the 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group and you can find out more about him on his website, his Facebook page, or by following him on Twitter. 1) Where and when do you write? Wherever I can, whenever I can. The mornings are when I have the most energy, but with a day job, family, and other commitments, sometimes I don’t get the opportunity to write until the…

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    Take 5: Perfectly Mundane Ways to Start a Story

    by Christine Hennebury Okay, so you want to write a story but you have no idea idea how to get started. All you know is that you don’t want it to be boring. You want it to be brilliant and exciting and captivating.  Your story can be all of those things but only if you actually write it. And if you’re under self-induced pressure to be brilliant, it will be very hard to get started. If you can even bring yourself to start typing, you will be editing word by word as you go. All of your energy will be going into trying to be a genius wordsmith, instead of…

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    Three Tricks I Use To Gain More Time To Write

    I’ve been writing in 10-minute increments since 2006. Over the last years, I’ve always been looking for ways to gain more 10 minute increments. It was hard enough to be a Stay-At-Home homeschooling mother of five in the first place, so I knew that if I wanted to write fiction too, I would have to maximize my strategies. Here are the first three tricks I used to train my family that gave me more time to write! 1. I delegated as much responsibility as I possibly could.  I noticed that my kids could handle regular responsibility at about age six. So I made sure that I gave them age-appropriate tasks…

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    10 Ways To Fight Writer’s Block

    Writer's block is a frustrating and maddening wrestling match with your confidence and a treasure hunt for new words or new ideas. and putting only dull words on the paper. Writer's block can be blamed on our muse ignoring us, on our chest cold, on our own insecurities or on lies we've been told. Sometimes it's fear-based, energy-based, or we're just bored with our own ideas.