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    Five Questions About Authority To Beef Up Your Conflict

    Understanding the nature of the authorities in your fiction will help you define your characters, it will beef up your conflict and it will clarify your antagonists. Your main character has less. The authority figure has more. As you are planning how your main character can get in and out of trouble, consider how this imbalance can build and sustain your conflict.

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Ways to Get to Know Your Characters

    When I write, I love to know a lot about my characters. I don’t just want to explore who they are inside my story, I want to think of them as (almost) real people who have full lives and histories. My story is just a glimpse into one part of that fully-lived life. When I think of my characters in that way, it gives them more depth and gives their actions more meaning. They aren’t just a plot device created for the point I want to make, they are people who are doing their best with the knowledge they have developed over their lifetimes. One of the ways that I…

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Slivers of Time to Write in.

    Here at 10MN we are timer champions. We know how to make the most of a 10 minute writing session and we get a lot done in bursts of time. But what about if you don’t even have 10 minutes? What if you only have slivers of time here and there? Can you still get any writing done? Of course! It just takes a different sort of planning. Note: Please don’t think that I am advocating filling every moment of your day with ‘productivity.’ We all need our rest and only you can know if any given moment is for rest or for work. This process and these time sliver…

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    50 Cheap & Easy Ways To Improve Your Writing

    Can’t afford to take a writing class? Never fear! All you really need is a library, internet access, Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter! YOU can improve your writing skills by doing these 50 things. I admit, some of these aren't exactly writing activities, but if you do them, and you practice observing with all five senses and spend at least 10 minutes writing about the experience, you will improve. YOU WILL!

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    Take 5 Friday: Five Writerly Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day

    Today, November 13, is World Kindness Day and I’m inviting you to celebrate by being kind to your writerly self and to your writerly friends.* Given our habit of constantly trying to improve our writing, us writer-types can be a bit negative about our abilities and our skills. So, this is an excellent chance to consciously reverse that trend by choosing kindness as our lens today. Here are 5 ways you can spread some writerly kindness: Identify someone’s strengths All too often we point out the parts of people’s writing that needs improvement. Today, I challenge you to tell someone something they are doing well. Let them know that they…

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    Take 5 Friday: 5 Questions for Author Jessica White

    For today’s Take 5 Friday, please welcome author Jessica White. Jessica is a Christian fiction author, the founder of the 365 Writing Challenge and she is the most organized and consistent person I have ever encountered. Jessica’s current book is called Song in the Dark – A Hades/Persephone Inspired Romantic Suspense (see below for more information!) Here are Jessica’s answers to my Take 5 questions. I’m sure you will get lots of great information and inspiration from her approach to writing. 1) What aspects of writing are easiest for you? My favorite part of writing a story is coming up with the setting. When I was little, I redesigned my…